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Allocate critical medical staff and resources with a real-time mobile solution.

Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management is a globally available, open-source application designed to view, track and allocate healthcare personnel, PPE, ventilator availability and other critical supplies in real-time.

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Built on the world’s most trusted cloud platform, Salesforce, the Traction Thrive application provides pandemic response teams with three critical functions.

How it works

One Application for Efficient Data Collection

In the hands and on the devices of medical professionals in hospitals and healthcare authorities, the Traction Thrive application collects data directly from the individuals on the ground.

Data collected and tracked includes:

  • Option to include self-reported medical staff availability
  • Anytime tracking of remaining PPE inventory
    (N95 masks, gowns, face shields)
  • Anytime tracking of critical ventilators, beds & anesthesia machines
  • Hospital wait times
  • Regional, Healthcare Unit and Facility levels

If the region in which you operate is also leveraging the public-facing Thrive Self-Assessment application, this data is also collated to help healthcare practitioners determine localized needs as early as possible.

Screenshot showing the mobile view of the Traction Thrive app.

Crisis & Critical Resource Management

With real-time reporting of staff availability and critical resources, hospitals can make faster decisions when it comes to the distribution of those resources and better serve the immediate needs of the public.

Resourcing capabilities include:

  • Assignment of full-time and essential care staff to in-demand facilities
  • Identify, assign and report on retired staff and residents with appropriate credentials to work in various health regions or divisions
  • PPE resource availability by unit and/or division (N95 masks, gowns, face shields, and more)
  • ICU facility status availability for ventilators, beds and anesthesia machines
Screenshot showing the tablet view of the Traction Thrive app's staff portal.

Improve Response Time & Increase Predictability

By collating data collected from healthcare practitioners in hospitals and the public through the Thrive Self-Assessment application, health authorities can continuously analyze, report and put into action real-time resource plans to meet the increasing demand on resources.

Resourcing capabilities include:

  • Reporting by unit, hospital or health authority on summarized views of medical staff member status and availability
  • Reporting on a compiled view of PPE resourceavailability by unit and/or division
  • Reporting on a holistic view of ICU facility status availability for ventilators, beds and anesthesia machines
Screenshot showing the mobile view of the Traction Thrive app's case management reports.

Supporting Those Who Need it the Most

Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management is an application that helps medical practitioners, healthcare administration and public health officials flatten the curve of COVID-19 as quickly and effectively as possible.

Medical Practitioners & Staff

Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management application enables hospitals to direct the right medical professionals to respond quickly and effectively to outbreaks.

Medical staff can self-report their availability, competencies and credentials and collaborate with other healthcare practitioners through online forums (public and private).

With this functionality, Traction Thrive becomes the authoritative source of real-time data and communication for practitioners.

Healthcare Administration

With data being recorded in real-time, healthcare administrators can more effectively respond to localized resource needs by unit, hospital or health authority. Not only can you more quickly assign essential care staff, but you can ensure the right people are responding based on their core competencies.

The application also ensures the critical resources, currently in short supply, are not distributed ineffectually. By enabling your teams to visualize and track resource requirements and availability, urgent supplies go where they’re needed most (and immediately).


Why & How We Built the Traction Thrive Application

To be effective in responding to a pandemic such as COVID-19, applications must provide users with unlimited scale and the ability to rapidly adapt within an unpredictable environment.

The Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management application is built on Salesforce, the leading cloud technology platform trusted by leading businesses and organizations around the world.

The amazing flexibility in cloud technology allows users to collect, report on and view data worldwide across all devices.

The application has been developed in partnership with both technology and healthcare providers. This means we are continuously listening to those on the frontlines of the pandemic to ensure the application remains user-friendly.


The health of our community is of the utmost importance.
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The Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management application was developed in partnership by Thrive Health and Traction on Demand with the mission of helping our heroic medical professionals flatten the curve of COVID-19.

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