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Traction & KPMG

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Working with Traction on Demand & KPMG means customers get the right strategy, governance and technology for transformational business programs.

The alliance enables us to deliver complementary services focused on strategic consulting and cloud technology implementations for the connected enterprise. With the combined strength of both firms, customers receive transformational enterprise advisory services paired with Salesforce expertise and the ability to execute on customer experience strategies.

Each organization focuses on what they do best while jointly creating customer capacity and scalability as they develop and adopt new technologies.

Delivering Success Across the Enterprise

Our partnership provides clients with a combined offering of specialized services that surpasses what any single team of generalists can achieve. KPMG assists customers with leading strategy, governance, risk mitigation and business function development while Traction on Demand provides deep expertise and creativity to develop innovative solutions.

Building Capacity in Canada & Beyond

With anticipated growth comes the need to develop new skills. Through enhanced advisory, change management and training offerings, Traction on Demand and KPMG are perfectly positioned to support the development of Salesforce solutions and tech-related skill sets within more businesses in Canada.

I see this not as a step forward in Traction on Demand's growth plan but a leap ahead in our ability to drive fundamental change and disruption in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Greg Malpass, Founder & CEO at Traction on Demand

KPMG is a recognized global leader, advising on transformation and innovative business strategies leveraging technology and data, deep industry knowledge and years of trusted experience. Our collaboration with Traction on Demand reinforces that commitment.

Elio Luongo, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner at KPMG in Canada

Core Partnership Benefits

After thousands of engagements, we understand the unique challenges facing your industry and draw on experience to build solutions that overcome them.

Expanded Advisory & Consulting

Combining deep practical industry knowledge with an unmatched understanding of the Salesforce platform's capabilities.

Cross Platform Implementations & App Development

Building systems and applications that put user experience at the heart of every decision.

Enhanced Change Management & Training

Think short and long-term with change management services that go beyond transactional technology engagements and make a lasting difference.

Transformational Enablement Services

Traction on Demand & KPMG are focused on enabling our customers to be self-sufficient in managing their own Salesforce instance.

Get in touch for a joint briefing.

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