Traction for Good


$1M +

in grants to help non-profits increase capacity.


$223,000 +

in donations to causes that are close to Tractionites' hearts.

5 Years

as a Certified B Corporation.


550 +

kids taught in coding workshops.

Building a community dedicated to good.

As Traction on Demand's community engagement program, Traction For Good (T4G)'s purpose is to strengthen the connection between people, community and technology. We accomplish this by focusing on four key pillars: Increasing the capacity of non-profits with Salesforce service grants and industry expertise; inspiring Tractionites to give their time, treasure or talent to causes that are close to their hearts; growing social business through community-based initiatives; and empowering kids to code, learn and explore with classes, camps and outdoor experiences.

Giving what we're good at and giving to what we care about are at the heart of T4G. Giving is part of our DNA, and we are all better off because of it.

Increasing Non-Profit Capacity

If our mission is to give what we're good at, what we're good at is helping organizations leverage the Salesforce platform. When properly implemented and fully adopted, this platform is transformational for non-profits. By investing in Salesforce, organizations can better fulfill their missions to connect with more people, raise more funds, make data-driven decisions and advocate for change. T4G supports organizations with Salesforce service grants, providing critical funding to non-profits for a variety of projects. We also co-fund Salesforce transformations for non-profits with value-aligned partners and champion causes that resonate with our community.

T4G co-leads the Vancouver Non-Profit User Group, and is the driving force behind the Bandit Tour for Good, a trip down the west coast of North America during which Tractionites provide pro-bono services to local non-profits.

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Inspiring Philanthropy

T4G aims to inspire Tractionites, Friends of Traction and the rest of our community to get involved with organizations that are meaningful to them. With regular opportunities to donate, fundraise and volunteer, Tractionites are encouraged to engage with and support causes close to their hearts.

All new Tractionites are quickly introduced to T4G's philanthropic culture with a $25 Kiva credit. Through Kiva's platform, this credit becomes a microloan to an entrepreneur in need. From textiles to fair trade coffee beans, Tractionites have elevated small businesses and alleviated poverty across the globe with their Kiva dollars.

Growing Social Business

As a values-driven and Certified B Corp company, Traction on Demand has always put people and the environment on par with profit. B Corp companies benefit all stakeholders and society, not just shareholders and corporate interests. We've taken this definition to heart and made it a guiding principle in everything we do.

We also co-founded The Tech Collective to facilitate collaboration between tech companies' community initiatives and encourage our startup community to incorporate community engagement from the start.

Do you want to measure the impact you're making in your community?

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Empowering Kids to Code and Explore

As demand for skills in information technology continues to rise, T4G ensures that all kids are given an opportunity to learn the basics of coding. Through partnerships with Canada Learning Code, Bandit Tour Gone Rogue and the Bikes and Bytes Summer Camps, we run classes and camps which teach programming principles inside the classroom and out. These programs inspire young learners to see technology in a whole new light and give Tractionites the opportunity to leverage their skills in a unique way.

Encouraging girls to pursue careers in technology is a key outcome of this initiative. We understand that diversity must be one of the cornerstones of our technology community if we want to see it truly thrive.

Learn About Bandit Rogue

Apply for a Service Grant

Salesforce can change the way an organization operates to help them become a more efficient, data-driven and impactful operation. T4G's grant program provides non-profits with the funds to cover anywhere from 10% to 100% of a Salesforce transformation project. Grant amounts are allocated depending on five key factors: project complexity, organization size, timeline, technical capacity and values alignment.

There is no deadline to apply and we evaluate applications as they come. If you are a non-profit organization with a key Salesforce project, apply for a service grant today!

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Organizations we've helped with service grants.

I truly believe that Traction on Demand’s work with Salesforce and our business will give us access to the data we need to successfully engage our constituents and achieve Terry Fox’s vision. Traction on Demand’s work is pivotal to achieving our mission.

Heather Scott, Director of Development, Terry Fox Foundation

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