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Meet the Person Behind the Mic at TractionForce 2017

We’re excited to introduce James Carbary as the emcee of TractionForce 2017 on May 11th. He’s the founder of Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for some of the most innovative B2B brands in the world. James will be sharing his thoughts on this year’s conference focus – the adaptive enterprise.

James Carbary, TractionForce emcee, is the founder of Sweet Fish Media.
James Carbary, founder of Sweet Fish Media, is the emcee of TractionForce 2017.

Take it from James…

I love being around people that are way smarter than me and TractionForce will be full of brilliant people. I’m incredibly excited to rub shoulders with the caliber of leaders that this event attracts.

Being adaptive is no longer optional in today’s environment. If we aren’t adapting to better serve our market, then our competitors will. Adaptiveness is something that I’m constantly trying to bake into our company culture but it’s way easier said than done.

Big transformations require solving big problems. To solve big problems, we need to understand the pain of our customers, which means getting to know your customers better.

Figure out what keeps your customers up at night. This isn’t just done with a Net Promoter Score survey. It’s also done with intentional conversation, using your ears more than your mouth.

James will be joined onstage by keynote speakers from Salesforce, Patagonia, MEC, DELL Boomi and more.

Check out the full lineup and register now (for free) for the May 11 event in Vancouver, British Columbia.

See you there!

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