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Leveraging Salesforce to Increase Social Impact: An Interview with Cheryl Timoney

When we launched the Bandit Tour for Good, we were looking for a way to give back to the organizations that help our communities thrive. Now that we’re counting down the days to the fifth annual Bandit Tour, we wanted to chat with the organization that inspired the first tour, Salesforce.org. So, we connected with Cheryl Timoney, Director of Customer Philanthropy at Salesforce.org.

Cheryl leads Customer Philanthropy within the Customer Success Group at Salesforce.org. Along with her team, she manages product donations and the Pro Bono Program, which Cheryl describes as her “#dreamjob; partnering nonprofits with the best of Salesforce technology and talent building their capacity to more effectively achieve their missions.” In the last three years, Salesforce employees have volunteered 67,000 hours (or 7.6 years) through the Pro Bono Program.

Cheryl Timoney, Salesforce.org
Cheryl Timoney, Director of Customer Philanthropy at Salesforce.org

Traction: How does Salesforce.org help nonprofits drive their mission forward?
Cheryl: We get our technology in the hands of nonprofits and educators, so they can connect with others and do more good. We offer donated and discounted technologies to nonprofits and educational institutions, engage employees in community-based volunteering, and we provide grants to organizations around the world that are creating access to education and employment opportunities.

T: Why is it so important to support nonprofits with technology, specifically Salesforce?
C: We know that when social impact organizations have the right technology, they are more effective in delivering their missions. With over 30,000 organizations using Salesforce for good, we know we have a unique opportunity to support these organizations to make significant changes in the world.

T: Once a nonprofit is set up on Salesforce, how does the Pro Bono Program encourage adoption?
C: Beyond solving specific challenges, volunteers often become trusted advisors to nonprofits and build capacity and confidence in using our technology. Participants of the Pro Bono Program report an 80% increase in efficiency, and 83% increase in mission delivery as a result of these volunteers. When the average project is 15 hours, this is a pretty great return on time for these organizations!

T: Why should other organizations be supporting nonprofits?
C: So many reasons! Nonprofits are on the ground solving some of today’s most complex social challenges and a great way to get involved is by volunteering your skills. Professionals in all industries have skills nonprofits need and when applied, can have a lasting impact on an organization.

Not to mention, Salesforce employees reported a 95% increase in happiness at work as a result of volunteering. With employees seeking more purpose-driven work these days, volunteering is a great way to ensure employees are engaged with their companies and help change our communities for the better.

Gearing up for the 2017 Bandit Tour

As we get ready for the 2017 Bandit Tour, we’ll be sure to keep Cheryl’s words in mind. We’re working with 11 different organizations this year and the Traction Bandits will leverage their platform experience and expertise to help each nonprofit further optimize their Salesforce instance to do even more good.

For other organizations looking to give back, Cheryl recommends checking out Salesforce.org for more information on their 1-1-1 integrated philanthropy model, which focuses on technology, people and resources.

Follow the Bandits on the road from October 30 – November 6 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at #BanditTour17.

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