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Invitation to TractionForce 2017 from CEO Greg Malpass


It’s been nearly a year since we welcomed over 650 people through the doors at TractionForce. Last year, we received incredible feedback and I sincerely appreciate the level of knowledge and openness brought to the event. We are excited to continue with this program and share some of the most forward-thinking ideas in the application of technology with businesses and non-profits in our community.

The focus of last year’s TractionForce was Every company is becoming a tech company. Over the course of the past decade, Traction has been in the transformation trenches alongside some of the most innovative organizations, helping them unlock their potential through technology.

To date, we’ve supported over 1,100 companies with more than 3,500 Salesforce projects – 402 and 1,076 of those respectively since the last TractionForce. Across this incredible volume of projects, serving some of the most amazing companies on the planet, we have watched each of these organizations embrace technology and have witnessed the power it can bring to business. We are now running faster, and speed has become the new currency.

But I ask you this. How safe and good is speed when you’re unsure of your direction or what results you’re really looking to achieve? Therein lies the purpose of this year’s TractionForce. We want to help you understand how to first slow down in order to speed up. How to use data and analytics to drive meaningful conversations and transformation – how to become an adaptive enterprise.

We’ll also share some incredible insights and analytics we’ve stumbled upon within Traction that has led to ask some very hard questions of ourselves and our business.

I’m looking forward to hosting you at #TF17 at Rogers Arena. Register here.


Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO, Traction on Demand

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