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Traction on Demand's nonprofit team is filled with community-driven advisors eager to facilitate digital transformation on the Salesforce platform. We leverage industry experience and Salesforce expertise to drive the greatest impact to our customer's missions and provide constituent experiences that rival the best of the commercial sector.


120 + customers evolved their fundraising practices from a transactional approach to a more holistic constituent-centric model.


Evolve your constituent experience to meet growing expectations, combining commercial expectations with nonprofit experiences.

Mission Impact

Through the Salesforce platform, we build organizational capacity to support and enable you as you deliver on your mission.

Enterprise Organizations

Do you want to consolidate point-solutions for constituent engagement into a single view, allowing you to truly know your constituents?

Placing a CRM at the core will empower your users to better serve your constituents. You need a partner that understands your operations and can enable you and your team to bring this change to light.

Midsize Organizations

Get the sophistication of an enterprise solution and the ability scale your systems and organizational impact.

Enable and support your teams with the tools and skills they need to thrive.

Small and Mighty

Small nonprofits need simplicity and clarity in the managing of fundraising, constituent engagement and programming.

Your team members wear many hats and you want an out-of-the-box solution that they can manage intuitively.

Our Expertise

Traction on Demand has elevated nonprofit clients from point solutions to a consolidated CRM ecosystem across hundreds of projects. As thought leaders and Premium Salesforce.org Partners, we help transform organizations by uniting organizational strategy with the art of the possible.

We partner with you as executives, project owners and technical experts. We leverage the vast potential of the Salesforce platform to empower your use of Nonprofit Cloud and best-in-class applications.

Our Approach

Our dedicated nonprofit practice combines deep industry experience with a vast repository of IP and products developed across thousands of customer projects, providing you access to commercial-grade software and solutions.

From complex enterprise projects to intuitive single solution offerings, our expertise will accelerate your time-to-value.

Partner with Us

Nonprofit Accelerators

Traction Impact

Traction Impact compliments our best practices for fundraising and includes visual icons on account and contact profiles for “at-a-glance” identification of constituents, updated page layouts, links to social accounts and global links.

Traction Receipting

Traction Receipting brings to life the ability for Canadian nonprofits to issue bilingual donation receipts that are compliant with the requirements of the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Fundraising Accelerator

Traction on Demand’s Fundraising Accelerator ensures a seamless move to Salesforce. It expands on Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack, includes tailored tiered data migration offerings and best practice enablement approach to the adoption of Salesforce.

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You can imagine the complexity and the scale. As we started out, there was a lot of trepidation but the Traction on Demand team did an excellent job. The level of effort they put towards the project. They would say they would do something and then the next day it was done. Talk about building trust.”

Jarrod Bell, CTO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Our Promise as Partners

Traction on Demand elevates your systems and engagement to help you realize your mission statements.

Our team composition and experience building both out-of-the-box and tailor-made solutions is well-suited to the needs of large and mid-size nonprofits. We are also committed to entrepreneurship at every level, so smaller organizations can count on support through grants, community partnerships and enterprise-level experience.

Partner with Us

Connect with one of our nonprofit industry experts so we can help you on your transformation journey.

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