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Education Services

We develop scalable strategies to ensure your institution hits its targets today while driving towards a long-term vision. The Salesforce platform allows for unmatched customization, with solutions that tackle the 360-degree constituent view, admissions rates, integrations, lifelong learning initiatives, and more.

Unmatched Industry Experience

Our Higher Education practice is driven by industry-experienced transformation experts on the Salesforce platform.

Cross-Platform Experience

Marketing, Sales, Analytics and more, we approach all higher education engagements with extensive Salesforce platform experience.

Customer Success Through Partnership

We approach delivering highly complex, custom projects by creating strategic partnerships with our clients.

Higher Education Expertise

As practitioners with a passion for and dedication to learning, our team appreciates the unique value of higher education institutions as well as today's evolving industry challenges. Leveraging deep industry experience and platform expertise, Traction on Demand creates solutions that provide operational efficiency, campus alignment and competitive differentiation.

Cross-Cloud Experience

Education, Marketing, Sales, Analytics, Integration and beyond — we’re experts in all Salesforce clouds. We draw on our broad experience in the commercial and nonprofit sectors to drive innovative education solutions. The result is cutting edge, best-of-breed systems that will scale with your organization and help you achieve your greater vision.

Strategic Partnership

We are excited to hear about your unique needs and join you on your journey to visionary transformation. We’ll leverage custom solutions to accelerate your initiatives and apply our proven approach that emphasizes care, trust and transparency.

Higher Education Admissions and Recruitment Accelerator

COVID-19 has caused students to cast an even more critical eye on the ROI of higher education. As schools look to reopen, it is more important than ever to demonstrate a competitive advantage when converting a prospect to an applicant to an enrolled student. 

Traction on Demand’s Recruiting & Admissions Accelerator bridges Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Education Data Architecture with industry best practices, allowing you to customize the applicant management experience and integrate with the systems you already use.
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Our Approach

Traction on Demand goes beyond standard technology implementations to develop scalable strategies that ensure customers hit their targets today, while contributing to their institution's future vision.

The Salesforce platform provides unmatched customization opportunities through solutions that tackle the 360 degree constituent view, admission rates, LMS and SIS integrations, lifelong learning initiatives and more. We draw on our higher education experience and leverage our expertise in data to ensure you're meeting your organizational aspirations.

I was thoroughly impressed with the team we worked with from Traction on this project. This project was really ambitious and technically complicated, and I am very proud of what we accomplished together. I sincerely felt like both sides of the team were equal owners in making this a success. I really hope to get to work with them again in the future!”

Sarah Muir, Senior Business Analyst, Salesforce, Ivey Business School

Salesforce for Higher Education

Our cross-industry experience working with nonprofits and commercial businesses has given us a deep understanding of Salesforce's various cloud platforms.

We work with education services to provide a client and constituent experience on par with the best of the commercial world.

Our custom IP and accelerators are designed to enhance the base platform and give robust capabilities suitable for education institutes of all sizes.

Jeff Dixon

VP of Higher Education Services

Jeff was previously the Associate Director of Salesforce at Queen’s University for close to four years. He’s the author of two books published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, and research published in the world’s top-ranked peer-reviewed information systems journal, MIS Quarterly. Jeff is an alumnus of the Higher Education Advisory Council and a founder of Canada’s first Salesforce Higher Education Regional User Group. A lifelong student himself, Jeff has an undergraduate degree in commerce, a Masters of Divinity, a Masters of Science in Epidemiology and is now finishing his PhD thesis on digital strategy.

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Jennifer Walker

VP of Higher Education Services

Jennifer has over a decade of experience in the higher education space both at the university and startup levels. She spent eight years at Georgetown University establishing a university-wide CRM strategy before spending three years at the EdTech company Motivis Learning. Jennifer has a deep understanding of advancement, accreditation, lifelong learning and governance. She is a founding member and former Vice Chair of the Higher Education Advisory Council and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin & Marshall College and a Masters of Arts degree from Georgetown University.

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