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Help for Houston: The Malloy’s Story

With an office in Houston, we have colleagues, friends and family that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Once the rain slowed, we were inspired to hear that members of our Houston team were opening their doors to those in need, helping others get to dry land and initiating support efforts. Through the city’s recovery, they’ve shared their stories with us.

Logan and Erin Malloy’s story became particularly important to us. They are a young couple that Mark Miller and Jerry Schweiger (from our Houston office) have been helping since the storm.

The couple had just purchased their first home and felt prepared for Harvey. They had hurricane insurance and weren’t located in the flood zone.

However, when the levees were released, water made its way into their home. They stuffed towels under the doors to absorb the water, but didn’t have any luck. They gathered their beloved animals and watched as their new home quickly became unlivable.

The Malloy’s started cleanup efforts as soon as the water receded, but the damage was evident. To repair everything, the Malloy’s need:

  • Machines to dry out their home.
  • Antimicrobial treatments to ward off mold and other bacteria.
  • New furniture, flooring and counters to replace everything that was damaged.

They sustained roughly $35,000 in flood damage, which isn’t covered by their insurance. We’d like to help them with the funds for the antimicrobial treatment needed in the next two weeks, so reconstruction can begin.

Mark Miller is a strategic solutions manager at Traction on Demand.
Mark Miller, Strategic Solutions Manager at Traction.

Since Erin and Logan mean so much to our Houston team, our community engagement program, Traction for Good, is helping every dollar go twice as far. They are matching donations (up to $5,000) to help the couple restore their home.

“Traction talks a lot about values and what it means to give back to the community. This storm provided me with the first-hand experience of Traction walking the walk,” explains Mark, strategic solutions manager at Traction. “This was personal to me; my friends and neighbors were all affected. Traction’s response has already surpassed my expectations. In the face of such massive devastation it is easy to focus on the losses and Traction has helped all of us in the Texas office turn toward recovery.”

Please help us make a difference for Erin and Logan and donate today.

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