Growing Some Good: Traction's Field Trip to Invictus Farms

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Growing Some Good: Traction’s Field Trip to Invictus Farms

One of the great things about working at Traction is the field trips. That’s right, field trips just like the ones we loved as kids where we went on fun adventures with our friends instead of sitting in a classroom… (those were the days, eh!).

This past week we had the opportunity to visit Invictus Farms in Pitt Meadows where we learned about vermiculture, vertical farming and growing food. Along with our family and friends, the Traction crew got their hands dirty for the good of social farming.

Social farming you ask? That’s right, Invictus isn’t your typical urban farm.

They believe in teaching people to sustainably grow their own food – at home and at work – with the ingenious Invictus Towers. These beauties transforms 9 square feet into 36 square feet of fertile growing towers, giving everyone the opportunity to grow organic herbs, fruits and veggies – all while reducing waste by worm composting. Yes please!

invictus-traction (2)But it’s more than about the food. “It’s about community,” owner Brad Caton told the team. “Community in our neighbourhoods, community in our offices.” We all know food brings people together. Well, Invictus takes it to the next level: farming together. (That has to be great, right?)

And while we didn’t get to skip out on work for this field trip, we had a blast. The fresh air, warm sunset and wiggling worms made it a sweet adventure. Big thanks to the Invictus team for hosting us and sending us home with goodie bags full of organic greens. We’ll be back!

Big thanks to Jessica Owen from Paprika Writing for the guest blog post!

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