Laptop showing an internal event layout using Traction Gather

Never compromise. Not your health, not your audience engagement.

At a time when coming together under a communal roof is proving challenging, Traction Gather is helping keep connections between people, causes and companies strong – by enabling these special bonds to grow beyond the traditional walls.

We made being socially connected way more sociable.

As our name suggests, Traction Gather is a virtual events platform offering that enables like-minded individuals to gather in support of their preferred fundraising and milestone initiatives.

Features. Functionality. Fabulousness.

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a commercial organization, an educational institute, or just trying to organize your next online event, we can help.

Security at the door

Thanks to Salesforce’s secure cloud platform, only ticket holders will have access to your event.

VIP passes

Tiered guest passes provide the ability to open-gated content (or VIP tables) to specified ticket holders.

Customizable event schedule

Dynamic home page agenda changes according to your tailored event schedule.

Socialize and network

Host virtual tables so attendees can engage in discussions.

Share memorable moments

Utilize Salesforce Chatter to generate discussion and share photos from the event.

Driving donations

Host a silent auction and connect to an external page to drive fundraising.

Wine and dine

Provide your attendees with dinner recipes or cocktail ideas to create a more immersive experience.

Agnostic video platform integration

Traction Gather works with any of your preferred video conferencing solutions to host keynotes, breakouts and entertainment.

Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event. Feel at home managing your event.
Screenshot of Traction Gather showing different virtual meeting rooms within the app Screenshot of a silent auction for a gala event within Traction Gather

Take audience engagement through the metaphorical roof.

With the trusted Salesforce platform, it’s quick and easy to activate your community and sponsors – without worrying about sacrificing quality or overall experience.

Interactive engagement

Engage with your audience and deliver content while driving future opportunities.

Brand recognition

Traction Gather provides a platform for sponsors to get their name, brand and messaging across to attendees.

Datatify your guest list

Gain data-driven metrics to boost audience engagement (during and post-event) for continued support.

Less time, less cost

Activate, implement and run Traction Gather in less time than in-person events, and at a fraction of the cost.

Making the best

Experience a reprieve from the current social climate, while creating an opportunity to raise essential funds.

Time for your special event? Let’s take this online.

While event opportunities are virtually endless with Traction Gather, here are the specific use cases that are being adopted the most frequently across varying industries.

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Fundraising Galas
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • Mission-driven Educational Sessions

Higher Education

  • Recruiting Events
  • University Orientation
  • Campus Tours
  • Career Fairs

Employee Engagement

  • All-company Collaboration
  • Board Meetings
  • Sales Kickoff

Customer Engagement

  • Conferences
  • Networking Events
  • Customer Advisory Boards
  • Product Launches

À la carte. Choose between two Traction Gather offerings.

Traction Gather is built on Salesforce, the #1 Cloud platform provider in the world, and leverages Salesforce Communities to engage and inform donors, constituents and stakeholders alike.

Regardless of which Traction Gather offering you select, we ensure the look, feel and content of each Traction Gather community is carefully curated – ensuring the guest experience is seamless and on-brand.

Get 90 days of FREE Communities licensing through the Salesforce Care offering.

Traction Gather implementation

Traction on Demand configures the Communities package within your Salesforce instances and customizes key features to incorporate your branding and specific experience needs.

Traction Gather implementation and event consulting services

In addition to the Communities package and customization, Traction on Demand provides event consulting services pre, during and post-event, ensuring a seamless guest experience.

Built to build our communities.

Traction Gather is built by Traction on Demand – one of North America’s largest dedicated Salesforce consulting and application development firms. Our experience on the Salesforce platform – along with the hundreds of events we’ve hosted – provides the expertise needed to bring Traction Gather to life.

In response to COVID-19, Traction on Demand’s focus has been on rapidly developing solutions to minimize the impact of the virus on our customers’ organizations and communities. Traction Gather is one of these solutions.

Put your event on the front burner.

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