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The road to reopening is here.
Consider us your GPS.

Traction on Demand is your guide to navigating Salesforce’s Work.com platform. Through long-term, sustainable strategies and solutions, we'll equip you with the tools to reopen your workplace safely and securely. Let's get there - forward together.

Reopen Safely


As a strategic Work.com partner, we've developed a series of complementary solutions and services so your employees, customers, and communities can safely flourish in the next normal - and beyond.

Traction Guest

Safely reopen your workplace by integrating ZeroTouch visitor management software into the Workplace Command Center.

  • Command Center
  • Shift Management

Champion employee wellness by integrating the bettr.me data-rich, sentiment tracking platform into the Workplace Command Center.

  • Employee Wellness
Traction Gather

Virtualize your events and employee engagement initiatives while fostering deeper connections and lowering traditional operating costs.

  • Employee Wellness
  • Training & Enablement
Work.com JumpStart

Enlist our experts to help you navigate the reopening process while providing the technology, insights, and expert advice needed to safely return to the workplace, build new capabilities, and enable lasting change.

  • Full Work.com Platform
Traction Thrive

View, track and allocate healthcare personnel, PPE, ventilator availability and other critical supplies in real-time.

  • Command Center
  • Emergency Response Management
The Supply Hub

Connect government bodies with commercial organizations and the general public to source critical supplies needed to respond effectively to large scale emergencies.

  • Emergency Response Management
  • Employee Wellness
Multi-Org Management

Ensure the right data is being collected, surfaced and analyzed by connecting with Traction on Demand’s multi-org experts.

  • Full Work.com Platform
Traction Rec

Bring everyone together, beyond the workplace. Traction Rec takes communities and programs to heart – by safely pairing virtual with in-person programming.

  • .Org Program
  • Grants Management

Reopening? Here's your roadmap.

Safely prepare for the road ahead with our Reopening the Workplace pocket guide.

Shifting into a better new normal.

Make location your next destination.

Every business understands the importance of the three Ps: People, Process and Product. As you shift into this new post-COVID reality, your organization needs to be setting its sights on the fourth P: Place. We can help you get there.
Ensure your employees, customers, volunteers and community are all considered in your digital transformation.
Define the right technology stack to drive both adoption and the desired outcomes.
Build the right frameworks to make the most of your technology investments and ensure success.
Manage the distribution of your workforce and the physical spaces in which you operate, ensuring safety for all.

Industry solutions for the road ahead.

Our industry-specific solutions and insights are designed to address your unique reopening challenges, while extending the value of the Work.com platform. We'll guide you through an achievable plan to accelerate your reopening strategy.

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Let's get there - forward together.
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