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Dreamforce 2016: Pack Your Pipe with These 3 Tips

It’s that time of year again. Cloud enthusiasts from around the world have made the mass pilgrimage to San Francisco for Salesforce’s Dreamforce, the largest cloud conference in the world, and this year’s event is sure to be a memorable one. A sold out show with over 150,000 attendees, 1,400 speaking sessions, key notes from Tony Robbins, Melinda Gates and Mark Cuban and, of course, a concert by none other than rock legends U2.

As a salesperson, I have always looked for guidance on how to maximize my time at Dreamforce. Most of the content is geared towards educating customers on the platform but it also creates a MASSIVE sales opportunity not only for Salesforce, but for everyone in attendance. Salesforce is universally recognised as the leader in cloud computing and CRM and has been adopted by most of the world’s innovative, successful brands. These brands will all be in attendance at Dreamforce. Each will have a laundry list of problems and challenges they are looking to solve. Each will be hoping to learn about solutions. This makes Dreamforce one of the most compelling events annually to build new relationships, identify potential opportunities and pack your pipe with great new business opportunities.

As a five-year Dreamforcer, here are my top three tips on how to maximize your time and revenue opportunity at Dreamforce:

1) Attend sessions that align with your product and its value proposition.
For example, if you sell a product geared towards retailers, make sure you attend all the of the retail customer track. Use this as an opportunity to meet new people. Look out for who is asking questions. You never know, someone may articulate a problem that aligns with your product and vision. I have sourced many leads by listening to questions from the crowd and following up with those people.

2) Attend sessions where your customers are speaking and/or are being showcased.
This is a great conversation starter. Everyone attending will be interested in their story. If they are a customer, you have played a role in their plot. Use this as a way to spark conversation and get your name out there. You will have a captive audience.

3) Attend breakfast and lunch.
Not for the gourmet cuisine but rather for the opportunity to break the awkward silence by meeting someone new. Conversations at Dreamforce are easy to start. Everyone is there for a reason. You need only ask what that reason is.

It is a world of opportunity at Dreamforce. Make sure you schedule some time to capture it. Learning is important… but revenue is even better!

Lucas Francis, business development manager, Traction on Demand. Written by Lucas Francis, business development manager at Traction on Demand.

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