Customer Enablement

Our goal is to provide value beyond technology implementations by enabling Traction on Demand customers to master their own Salesforce systems. Customers receive better returns and become active participants in their own success.


As the Salesforce platform evolves, so do the people it serves and the challenges it solves. With more organizations adopting Salesforce every day, the need for administrators is growing and will soon outstrip supply.

At Traction on Demand, we see this as an opportunity; not to sell more retainer services, but to better enable our customers to manage their own systems over the long term. Ultimately we believe growth in the Salesforce ecosystem will only support greater innovation and collaboration.

Our goal is to help your organization realize value in working with Traction on Demand beyond a technology implementation. We believe an investment in technology should result in an even greater investment in your people and process.

Traction University

Traction University (TU) provides clients with a dedicated program of staff education and development supported by advisors with deep experience on the Salesforce platform.

TU clients gain access to a growing library of shared onboarding and training material and in-depth training on the Traction on Demand approach to Salesforce program development. They also receive a three-month guided onboarding program that leverages a mix of theory and practical experience-based learning.

Additional services include team assessment and composition planning and career path-building.

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Traction Enable

As a services firm, it's no longer enough to say you can provide expertise, you need to show it. Traction Enable is an online community that provides clients with unparalleled transparency into their project management, real-time metrics, collaboration with their counterparts at Traction on Demand and access to a growing portfolio of technology accelerators.

Traction Enable is your hub for interacting with Traction on Demand and the starting point for building both project and in-house Salesforce expertise.

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Traction Extend

Traction Extend is a new form of retainer engagement, one that solves the lack of continuity typically experienced when customers are passed from resource to resource. This program pairs each client with a single dedicated Extend Champion invested in their day-to-day and long-term success. The Champion consults with clients to enhance their system and develop their internal team’s Salesforce knowledge for long-term enablement. With a finger on the pulse of the Salesforce ecosystem, the Champion keeps clients at the forefront of technology by connecting them with the latest platform functionality.

With a minimum agreement of six months, every Traction Extend engagement is managed through the Traction Enable platform, where clients receive full visibility into all aspects of their project, including real-time metrics.

Download the One-Pager is a data collection application developed and used by Traction on Demand to gauge real-time employee sentiment and gather deeper insights into the kind of work performed for clients, helping employers better understand which projects and tasks keep employees most engaged. provides insights beyond traditional professional services reporting metrics like project efficiency and cost reporting, and it looks to delve deeper into the core of the business: the people.

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More Than Technology

Customer enablement is engrained in all aspects of our engagements. When consulting we provide clients with a platform roadmap. In implementation, we work collaboratively with client stakeholders and provide transparency in our code and process. Through project go-live we provide user adoption training and post project support to ensure success long term.

Our goal is to help your organization realize value in working with Traction on Demand beyond a technology implementation. We believe an investment in technology should result in an even greater investment in your people and process.

Unprecedented Transparency

Using our Traction Enable and offerings, you'll gain unparalleled insights into what skills and processes are needed to build an effective Salesforce team internally.

True Collaboration

Realize the benefits of a true partnership by combining our Salesforce platform expertise with your team's understanding of your business process.

Greater Self-Reliance

Reduce reliance on outside consultants; greater in-house expertise means you'll only need to engage an implementation partner when the scope of work requires expertise not found internally.


Scaling Your Small Business

See how Release the Hounds, a Vancouver based dog-walking company, is using Salesforce to scale their operations and provide awesome customer experiences.

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