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Respond Together

Collectively, with our clients and partners, we've introduced tools and applications to respond to COVID-19's unprecedented challenges. Our goal at Traction on Demand is to respond together and help our global community better navigate and fight the situation we're all faced with.

At Traction on Demand our top priority has always been the health and safety of our team, our families and our community. I feel it’s our collective responsibility to play an active role in protecting our team, while also supporting the community at large by doing our part to contain the spread of the virus. While I want to be careful to communicate the seriousness of the world’s situation, we’re ready for this. We will lean in. And, we will share our approach with our community at large.

Greg Malpass, CEO & Founder, Traction on Demand

Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow at an accelerated rate, medical systems are under significant strain, from staffing to resources. 

The Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management application enables hospitals and healthcare practitioners to more accurately track and distribute critical medical staff and resources to meet the immediate needs of COVID-19 response teams. 

To encourage global use of the app, Traction Thrive is open source and free to use.
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As COVID-19 forces businesses into a remote landscape, the platform is helping ease the shift by ensuring team members are engaged and connected, while projects and productivity are kept on track. As an adaptive data platform that captures real-time, context-sensitive sentiment, enables team leads to better understand what makes remote individuals thrive, so tasks can be assigned accordingly.

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Traction Gather

At a time when it’s not possible to gather in person, the need to connect is more important than ever. Traction Gather supports any organization or business looking to transition their events to a virtual platform, whether it’s a fundraising gala, employee engagement social, or annual customer event, at a fraction of the cost of in-person events.

This solution leverages Salesforce Communities as an online event platform. It can be paired with event professionals from Traction on Demand who’ll act as personal venue managers to assist with set-up and execution. Combining both event technology and professional assistance ensures your organization delivers a seamless and memorable guest experience.
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Traction Guest

Organizations are facing an array of challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In particular, continued operations while managing the risk of disease transmission.  
Traction Guest visitor management enables effective enforcement of protective COVID-19 screening measures. Companies concerned with improving onsite safety can screen those who enter their facilities, proactively evaluate visitors’ risk levels, and highlight required safety precautions. With customized solutions available, organizations such as Thermo Fisher Scientific utilize Traction Guest to increase security and help address pandemic scenarios.
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COVID-19 Supply Hub

In the fight against COVID-19, governments and commercial businesses need to respond collectively to the major shortages of essential medical supplies. 

The COVID-19 Supply Hub provides a single point of entry to triage and prioritize thousands of offers and donations for essential supplies from businesses and organizations.

Built in rapid development on the Salesforce platform, the Supply Hub is an example of how Salesforce Communities can be implemented quickly to immediately respond to COVID-19 challenges.
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Salesforce Care Extensions

Salesforce Care is a set of 90-day free solutions designed to help organizations rapidly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These solutions are enabling organizations to communicate effectively, increase their inbound capacity and deliver content quickly. The full set of Salesforce Care solutions are available immediately, with minimal set up to help deliver value quickly. 

With insights into this program, Traction on Demand can support your organization with additional packages and consulting services to extend the value of Salesforce Care in response to your specific COVID-19-related challenges.

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Response Solutions for Financial Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the Financial Services industry. Banks and Credit Unions are faced with many unnatural changes to their business, as well as the customer and employee experience. 

Traction on Demand has aligned with industry experts to offer reduced cost services to help your organization during this unprecedented time to solve the collective needs of your team. 

Our COVID-19 response offerings include: Virtual Workforce Management via Salesforce Service Cloud, Financial Health Assessments provided via Salesforce Communities, Rapid Deployment of Salesforce Lightning Scheduler and more.

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Employee & Customer Support

Traction on Demand will configure the employee help center, customer service, and contact center applications for your business. This allows you to keep employees and customers connected and informed with the new information and rapid responses to inbound inquiries. 
In addition to completing the Salesforce Care Activation, Traction on Demand also includes additional Community enhancements so that you can enable more meaningful connections.
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Social Community Engagement

Marketing Cloud Social Studio enables companies to monitor COVID-19 conversations relevant to their company, and engage with their extended communities on social channels so they stay informed and connected.
Traction on Demand will complete the Social Studio configuration to connect your social accounts and develop macros to allow you to respond to the most critical conversations quickly.
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Response Solutions for Manufacturing

With significant disruptions to both supply and demand, being able to more closely and collaboratively monitor and forecast run-rate business is critical for minimizing costs and maximizing revenue. Disruptions to workforce and operations are prompting manufacturers to find ways to continue and even ramp up means to support their customers.    
Traction on Demand has aligned with industry experts to develop specific COVID response solutions to help manufacturers overcome challenges associated with digital support, demand disruption and the need for real-time communication. 
These solutions include: Remote Service Enablement, Service Contractor Management, Rapid Deployment of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and more.
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Higher Education Admissions and Recruitment Accelerator

COVID-19 has caused students to cast an even more critical eye on the ROI of higher education. As schools look to reopen, it is more important than ever to demonstrate a competitive advantage when converting a prospect to an applicant to an enrolled student. 

Traction on Demand’s Recruiting & Admissions Accelerator bridges Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Education Data Architecture with industry best practices, allowing you to customize the applicant management experience and integrate with the systems you already use.
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Respond together.
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