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Cloud Development

Traction on Demand stays in front of the technology curve by pushing the boundaries of Salesforce mobile and desktop development. We aim to build beautiful Salesforce applications and deliver exactly what customers want.


As the Salesforce platform evolves, so do the people it serves and the challenges it solves. With more organizations adopting Salesforce every day, the need for administrators is growing and will soon outstrip supply.

At Traction on Demand, we see this as an opportunity; not to sell more retainer services, but to better enable our customers to manage their own systems over the long term. Ultimately we believe growth in the Salesforce ecosystem will only support greater innovation and collaboration.

Our goal is to help your organization realize value in working with Traction on Demand beyond a technology implementation. We believe an investment in technology should result in an even greater investment in your people and process.

Salesforce Platform Development

Salesforce Platform offerings have expanded to not only provide multiple development frameworks to create amazing applications and workflows, but the dev tools needed to build them collaboratively and efficiently. Our team is fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visualforce, Apex and other development languages.

When custom development is required, our team pulls from a growing portfolio of stored procedures, scripts and reusable code that has been refined over several projects. Using this IP accelerates the rate at which Traction on Demand can deliver complex solutions, while ensuring our code is of the highest quality.

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Lightning is already the future of the Salesforce platform. New Salesforce features, functionality and complementary applications are all being developed using the Lightning UI and framework, so it's time to jump on board.

Don't let it scare you. Built on Force.com, Lightning components are single applications that are built into your overall solution to enhance functionality. You can also design apps with the Lightning framework that are larger, more robust solutions that sit on top of the Salesforce platform. Regardless of the size or complexity, one thing remains certain; Lightning improves the user experience and adoption.

Traction on Demand is a Lightning Accredited Partner with certified Lightning consultants and 400+ Lighting components developed.

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Mobile Development

Whether built to improve an in-store customer experience, help field technicians record data more accurately or better inform sales reps on-the-go, mobile apps are a necessity for today's customers and workforces.

Using Salesforce Platform Mobile, Traction on Demand is helping customers build and deliver custom mobile applications faster and easier than ever before. All mobile app development follows best practices and considers requirements for different devices and operating systems, online and offline functionality, user interface and experience and more.

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UX Design

Applications designed without consideration of user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) tend to fail more often than not. Before embarking on a transformative development project, be sure to consider users and how you can optimize the technology to achieve adoption and advocacy.

Traction on Demand's UX/UI consultants work in tandem with our developers, cloud technologists and your branding and design experts to ensure the user is at the center of your solutions.

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User First Approach

When we approach any development project, we want to create an understanding of exactly what the end user does and how technology can support and improve their experience. We design applications that solve core business challenges, deliver value immediately and prevent users from managing an unnecessarily large piece of technology.

What makes our development different? We work with your in-house development and IT department to create shared standards based on best practices that empower your team to manage the solution moving forward. Of course, we're always around if you need help.

Efficient App Development

Take advantage of our portfolio of development IP and extensive Salesforce experience to build game-changing applications faster than ever before.

Endless Integration

Building on the Salesforce Platform provides customers access to their robust APIs, allowing them to easily integrate with external databases.

Security, Trust & Scalability

Platform security is Salesforce's number one priority, meaning users can worry less about data and app security and focus more on growth and scalability.

Manage Your Own Apps

Take back control of your applications and build internal capacity; our developers work with your team to determine shared standards and best practices.


Building a Better Event Experience

Discover how Traction on Demand built a custom application with Salesforce and Clicktools to check in 9000+ event attendees in a day.

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