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Cloud Consulting

With more than a decade of Salesforce experience, Traction on Demand consultants craft user-centric solutions that enable customers to quickly pivot, experiment, learn and succeed.


Sales is often spoken of as a mix of art and science. Even though CRMs are primarily scientific, there's an art to building a game-changing application while maintaining authentic and meaningful relationships with customers.

An effective Sales Cloud roll out should bring organizational value at every stage. It should allow executives to have the data insights to drive the vision of the organization and allow sales leaders the opportunity to focus resources effectively. It should motivate your sales team to hit organizational targets and ensure they see the system as the one tool that separates them from their competitors. Simply put, your organization can’t live without it.

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Every service-focused engagement must serve three audiences: the customer, the service team and the business.

Traction on Demand works to understand your business requirements and strategic vision so that the technology can be molded to address your needs today and any challenges that lay ahead. By listening and understanding your business direction, the customer needs and the agent needs, Traction on Demand considers all the appropriate functionality of the Service Cloud platform and Field Service Lightning to create an effortless experience for your customers and agents.

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Effective marketing strategies and campaigns need to be rooted in data, digital, mobile and social, the foundational components to connecting with your audience today.

By understanding your long and short-term marketing objectives, Traction on Demand delivers engagement strategies and solutions that drive an increase in leads, conversions and sales. We develop marketing strategies rooted in data that ensure campaigns use relevant, timely and targeted content that gets the right message to the right people through the right channels.

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Human Resources

With an increasingly discerning workforce and competitive job markets, how can you make sure you're attracting and retaining the people you need to hit growth and revenue targets?

Expand your use of the Salesforce platform beyond prospects and customers. Consider the opportunity to better understand your candidates and employees for your benefit and theirs. From training and operations to performance reviews and time tracking, manage and report on all aspects of human resources from the Salesforce platform. Traction on Demand's solution engineers will demonstrate how you can leverage both declarative and custom functionality to support your HR use cases.

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To effectively manage operations and make informed decisions, organizations need to maintain a consolidated view of cross-departmental data.

Physical locations, data security, IT infrastructure, reporting and executive targets all need to be considered when managing operations. Traction on Demand's consultants look to understand stakeholder requirements and provide technology and process recommendations that leverage Salesforce as the core operational platform.

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As the Salesforce platform grows in functionality, new departments are now looking to integrate their point solutions to provide and gain access to new data and automation. As the leading CRM platform globally, finance teams are turning away from their ERP provided CRMs and now look to integrate with Salesforce.

Whether you are considering integration with an on-premise ERP or a financial system developed in the cloud on the Salesforce platform, Traction on Demand's consultants provide you with application recommendations, integration expertise and best practices training and adoption.

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Small & Medium Sized Business

Not all organizations have the resources or desire to run a 'transformational' project. That's why we built our Torq Systems offering where the goal is to get customers up and running on Salesforce in the shortest time possible.

Our flexible, fixed-fee packages are designed to overcome common challenges facing small and medium sized businesses. Our implementations give companies like yours a better understanding of the power of data and how you can leverage the Salesforce platform to scale your business.

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We understand that each client and engagement we undertake has unique requirements. As we adapt to meet our clients' needs, our approach to consulting services remains rooted in three core principles:

First, enable our customers to be self-reliant and manage their Salesforce and system architecture internally.

Second, design with customer timelines, budgets, and stakeholder objectives in mind. These factors help us select the right technology and approach to ensure success.

Third, remain open and honest about our consulting approach and processes so that customers know exactly what they’re buying.

Maximize ROI

We work closely with you and Salesforce to understand the overall technology investment made so we can consult and design solutions that maximize value and return.

A Phased Roadmap

Our consulting services support the entire Salesforce platform and provide you with a roadmap that can be undertaken in phases. This allows your team to experiment, learn, pivot and ultimately succeed.

True Partnership

We don't view client engagements as a one-way transaction; for us a true partnership is one where both parties benefit. Working with Traction on Demand means that our success is reliant on yours.


At the end of a consulting engagement, customers have a technology roadmap that is tailored to their business, but not handcuffed to ours.


Meet Our Solutioners

Our consultants leverage cross-industry and platform expertise to craft the right solution for you.

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