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Visibility into Data, Scheduling

How Zoom is leveraging Field Service Lightning for real-time visibility and reporting over their product installation projects

Many know Zoom Video Communications as the leader in enterprise video communications, with Zoom Rooms used in boardrooms and executive offices globally (including the office of Salesforce’s Founder and Co-CEO, Marc Benioff). However prior to 2019, the professional services team installing the software-based conference room solution was plagued with scheduling redundancies and operational inefficiencies caused by existing systems that didn’t support an international installation team. To enhance visibility over all aspects of installation, Zoom partnered with Traction on Demand and implemented a solution leveraging the Salesforce platform and Field Service Lightning.

  • Dispatchers scheduled appointments for Zoom’s resources with a single, cluttered Google calendar:
    • Poor visibility meant it could take up to an hour to schedule a single appointment.
    • The illegible calendar resulted in over-utilization of resources, with instances of double-bookings as well.
  • All installation details were tracked through spreadsheets created on an ad-hoc basis in Microsoft Excel:
    • The installation team lacked any checklist items to work through; other departments lacked the ability to access this on-site data.
  • Reporting to the management team entailed 4-5 hours of work on a weekly basis.Zoom Field Service Lightning Mobile
  • Traction on Demand and Zoom implemented Field Service Lightning (FSL) alongside Salesforce and Milestones PM+:
    • Through Milestones PM+ and FSL, project managers plan installation projects from the initial design through to installation and follow-up.
  • With the optimized Salesforce Gantt chart, dispatchers quickly find and assign resources for appointment requests (without fear of double-booking), with visibility into the status of each particular project:
    • Scheduling now accounts for flying time, increasing accuracy when booking appointments.
  • Technicians acknowledge and accept appointments directly through the FSL app:
    • Knowledge articles provide immediate and efficient access to installation procedures.
  • Completion data is recorded onsite; these inputs generate real-time visibility into projects for dispatchers, as well as real-time reporting for the management team.
  • Where scheduling previously took up to an hour, it’s been reduced to mere seconds, or in complex cases, minutes:
    • Scheduling is more accurate.
    • Dispatchers no longer need to worry about double-booking appointments.
  • Technicians can track appointments on the road, recording on-site work throughout the day.
    • Data accuracy is improved and Zoom as an organization has better visibility into their data.
  • Real-time reporting allows all users to recognize at-a-glance how the team is performing.
Project Insights from the Zoom Video Communications Team

“One major area we have experienced success with so far has been dispatching. Dispatchers know exactly where a resource is at any given time and can recognize at-a-glance what their availability is, making it easy to assign, reassign and perform other tasks.” – Andrew Schlocker, AV Manager, Professional Services, Zoom Video Communications

“For dispatch, this project has resulted in significantly better resource management while clearing some work for Project Managers.” – Shane Delapeña, Lead Project Engineer, Professional Services, Zoom Video Communications

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