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Uniting All Community Center Operations on the Salesforce Platform

How the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is transforming community centers operations by leveraging the Salesforce platform and new Traction Rec application

Founded in 1877, the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (JCCSF) is the oldest Jewish Community Center (JCC) on the West Coast, servicing over 75,000 members each year making it one of the largest JCCs in the country. The JCCSF has a mission of building and preserving the Jewish Identity, through which they have created a community by providing educational, social, cultural and fitness programs to the community and are open to all.

The JCCSF has been engaged with Traction since 2014, when we began to help with their existing Salesforce implementation and build out membership management and billing. Over time, ongoing maintenance and development became a lot to bear on their own; the JCCSF believed in Traction’s vision of ‘all operations centered around people’ and we discussed the idea of a partnership with Traction and their fellow JCCs. The JCCSF decided to support Traction in the development of a full solution for managing all community center operations on the Salesforce platform. The resulting application is Traction Rec and the JCCSF is the first community center to go live with the platform.

Project Challenges

JCCSF was looking to improve their customer experience. For years, the JCCSF has been trying to better understand their members with the ultimate goal of improving their experience. With consolidated data they wanted to be able to answer questions such as: “Who are our members?” “How much do individuals spend?” “How much do they spend as a family?” “Which members are at risk of giving up their membership?” With so many different ways for a member to engage with a community center (ie. visitor, camper, event attendee, donor, volunteer, member, parent of members, etc.) the JCCSF struggled to centralize all of this valuable data. All of this data was being collected in disparate systems that didn’t integrate or communicate with a central platform, preventing them from truly understanding their members and building a 360 degree view.

Specific objectives in improving the customer experience included eliminating paper usage, gaining member engagement metrics, presenting members with relevant programs based on past history and much more. JCCSF also wanted to improve their employee experience. Whether working at the front desk, volunteering to run a day-camp or program, conducting a spin or dance class, or managing and collecting donations, JCCSF employees were looking for a more effective way of doing their job. JCCSF wanted to not only provide a great member experience, but also push the growth of the community center in programming, resources and members served.

Project Solutions

Traction took an implementation approach of centralizing the JCCSF’s operations around ‘the person,’ prioritizing the understanding of who they are, what they’re interested in and what they’ve done. This allows you to learn about their connections: who they know, the relationships they have and all the touch points they have to your center.
Traction Rec is an application built natively on the Salesforce platform for managing the day to day operational needs of community and recreation centers. Rec includes membership, program, booking and point of sale modules that can be implemented and customized individually. Traction Rec contains more than 300 custom lightning components.

Traction Rec Version 1: Traction on Demand implemented Version One of Traction Rec, which leverages the NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) and Customer Community licensing. Version one includes several core modules. One module is membership management, with more than 20 membership types including family, individual, community, aquatics and more, recurring billing, membership scanning (2000+ scans a day, physical card printing, and more). Program registration is another module, including supported workflows for child care and camp and consisting of camp management, child care, check in and check out. Also included is a customer community – an online portal for program registration, bookings, receipt collection and printing, and more. Booking and contract management are performed within Traction Rec, pertaining to rental contracts and equipment rentals. Point of sale leverages Traction Pay – a proprietary payment processing application built on the Salesforce platform.

Underpinning the whole system is an integrated subledger to ensure revenue is posted correctly when it should be (for example, recognize punch pass revenue when the pass is scanned not purchased) as well as billing schedules and payment processing.

Project Results

Traction Rec is the first full community and recreational center management platform to be developed on Salesforce. Rec integrates with other community center applications and also leverages the Salesforce ecosystem of applications to extend it’s capabilities. For the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, the application provides a consolidated view of members on one platform. Whether through integration with their backend financial systems, or through the various modules of Traction Rec, the JCCSF can now consolidate payment history, programing history, donations, child care, camp and additional member activities into one database. This includes all member contracts, permission forms and bookings, which has drastically reduced their reliance on hard-copy paper forms and manual data entry.

JCCSF can now also leverage targeted communications and smart programming recommendations. With better insights into a member’s history, the JCCSF can target those members with relevant programing offers and communications, resulting in a better conversion of services.

The objective of an improved employee experience has been met. Traction Rec was developed alongside the JCCSF with full consideration of their ‘ability to’ statements. Leveraging Traction Rec and the Lightning framework, employees now have an easy to use, intuitive system that provides all necessary data and information in one consolidated area. This has improved efficiency, reduced manual data entry and provided a better overall experience.

With monthly membership billing of approximately $1M, it previously took 4-5 days to prepare to bill. It now takes approximately four hours. This has also resulted in a reduction of credit card declines from 9% to 6%.
Single sign has been implemented for all transactions within the Center.

2018 Roadmap: In early 2018, Traction will be releasing a fitness module to support scheduling appointments such as a personal trainer as well as fitness class scheduling and booking.

“Traction is a great partner and the leadership is incredible. They listen and truly understand what we need. It’s been a smooth process because they’ve developed an amazing product with special attention to the customer-facing staff.” – Adrian Breitfeld, Chief Financial Officer of the JCCSF

“We saw an opportunity to build a system that is centered around the member. That leverages the power and accessibility of the cloud to help community centers adapt to member needs, improve the quality of service, deliver a great customer experience and take the guesswork out of programming.” – Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO of Traction on Demand

Traction Rec has another three JCC deployments scheduled before the end of CY 2017 and several other organizations committed and in line for implementation.

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