Client Story

Setting up MightyHive for Continued Expansion

How Traction on Demand enabled scalable growth of MightyHive’s Case management services with Service Cloud and Communities

MightyHive is a programmatic solutions provider founded in 2009. They offer “industry-leading advertising technologies alongside first class service, training, and support.” (LinkedIn) MightyHive typically maintain a daily caseload of 75 or more Cases. With so many Cases addressed every day, MightyHive needed a more efficient set of processes that would allow them to get the most out of their time. Already using, MightyHive contacted Traction on Demand to help them find a solution that would simplify and streamline the way they handle Cases while offering them the enhanced functionality of the Salesforce platform.

Project Challenges

MightyHive needed a scalable and automated Account management system that would give them all of the customer data storage that they needed. Their legacy solution had been and at this juncture in their business, they had exceeded its limitations.

  • They were emailing back and forth with clients and the process had grown arduous with the increased caseload caused by their rapid growth. Their ability to streamline these email exchanges with workflow rules and automations was limited by the customization options within
  • Reporting functions in were not particularly robust, so MightyHive exported data from to Excel in order to analyze it. This added a layer of labour and complexity, which ran contrary to MightyHive’s preference to store data in Excel only when it was necessary.
  • was unable to house revenue information or forecast revenue, limiting the visibility that MightyHive had within their CRM.
  • MightyHive had very complex Case assignment rules that standard Case assignment rules within could not accommodate. Cases had to be manually assigned to the correct service rep.
  • Clients had only email as a means of communicating and addressing their concerns. Cases that could be deflected or self-managed by clients with simple troubleshooting tips diverted attention from service reps that should have been using their time to address more complex Cases.

Project Solutions

The implementation of Service Cloud allowed for much greater complexity of Case and Account management:

  • Notifications and emails that indicated onboarding and offboarding of products were automated to the billing and accounting departments, allowing MightyHive to remove a bit of clutter from their email.
  • Visual workflow was leveraged to automate identification of client priority so MightyHive can assign resources where they are needed most.
  • Service Cloud’s native reporting functionality was leveraged, giving MightyHive the ability to report on and analyze customer data all within Salesforce.
  • A custom Case assignment flow was created to accommodate MightyHive’s complex system of rules: Case routing was now populated in the correct place and assigned to the correct owner, reducing the administrative burden of manually assigning Cases.
  • A Revenue Forecasting and Revenue Actual process and object were created to allow for visibility of revenue data and forecasting of revenue, providing MightyHive better visibility of their business.
  • Account health was improved using formulas, workflows and logic to identify and flag incomplete Contact data, slow payments, and spending forecasts. This means that MightyHive is collecting Account data that is clean and actionable.
  • Conga was integrated to give MightyHive the ability to create and provide quotes that are standardized and digitally managed.

A Customer Community was implemented to provide MightyHive a serious boost to their customer service capabilities by enabling customers:

  • Knowledge was implemented with a dynamic search function. When users file a Case, Knowledge is searched for keywords, providing links to possible solutions even as the customer is creating the Case.
  • Customers can view their Account status within the Community, offering them more autonomy and reducing the number of Account status inquiries that would otherwise be sent by email.

Project Results

Service Cloud:

  • Automated communications to billing and accounting let MightyHive better allocate their efforts to client Cases while reducing clutter.
  • Automation of Case assignment allows MightyHive to move between tasks far more efficiently despite their complex assignment rules. With Case priority identified in Salesforce, MightyHive has a better understanding of which Cases need more attention.
  • MightyHive can report on and analyze data directly within Salesforce, drastically reducing their dependence on Excel.
  • MightyHive can now view revenue data and forecasts within Salesforce, giving them greater visibility of their own business.
  • Account health and data quality is collected at a higher standard due to the back-end formulas, workflows, and logic that alert users of incomplete or poor Account health and data.
  • This clean, actionable data enables service representatives to better aid their clients.

Customer Community:

  • The Community gives users the ability to search Knowledge articles and create Cases. Dynamic searching within Knowledge deflects some Cases by finding solutions for customers before they create a Case.
  • The Community provides an additional channel for Account managers to interact with clients.
  • Customers have greater autonomy as they are able to view their own Account status, search Knowledge for information, and create Cases through the Community.
Reported Results from MightyHive

MightyHive can report on and analyze data directly within Salesforce, drastically reducing their dependence on Excel
Previously over 45 spreadsheets vs. now 1 consolidated Account view
300 Knowledge articles pending for Community
Adoption across 4 continents (US, Europe, Asia, Australia), 80 Account managers, and 6 offices
Reduced the number of Account and Contact duplicates by 80%

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