Client Story

Saying Goodbye to Spreadsheets with Sport for Life

How Sport for Life is tracking all aspects of its organization with Salesforce Sales Cloud and NPSP

The Sport for Life Society is recognized as the global experts on the Canadian Sport for Life Movement, Long-Term Athlete Development, and physical literacy development. The purpose of the Canadian Sport for Life Movement is to improve the quality of sport and develop physical literacy. Sport for Life links sport, education, recreation, health and governments to align community, provincial, and national programming. Long-Term Athlete Development is a multistage training, competition and recovery framework guiding an individual’s pathway through sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility to be active for life. Sport for Life, as a social enterprise using Long-Term Athlete Development and physical literacy, works to be a catalyst for positive change.

After acquiring a company that had previously operated on the Salesforce platform, Sport for Life began the process of moving its organization’s processes onto the powerful CRM. The organization approached Traction on Demand to help provide it with the tools to leverage Salesforce moving forward.

Project Challenges

Sport for Life had all of its customer data siloed in Excel documents and had very few standardized processes:

  • Two employees working in one area might both approach a contact, not knowing that there was potential for collaboration.
  • There was no capacity to track interactions and relationships.
  • They couldn’t visualize and build their network because all of this customer data was isolated.

Sport for Life wanted to leverage Salesforce as a true Customer Relationship Management platform:

  • They worked with schools and other organizations, hosting webinars and training sessions, and needed to capture attendance, payment, and contact data in a format that was usable.

Employees liked using Excel and had reservations about using Salesforce:

  • Employees were used to the processes that they had previously operated under.
  • Salesforce language and sales terminology was off-putting to employees who were inclined to view the platform purely as a sales tool and not something that could be beneficial to a nonprofit organization.

Project Solutions

Traction implemented NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) in Sport for Life’s existing Salesforce org:

  • Sport for Life did not need to leverage NPSP as a fundraising platform, but Traction configured the donor tracking functionality so that Sport for Life could track who had paid and attended various webinars and events that they hosted.

Traction worked significantly with the campaign object:

  • The campaign object offered the most effective means to track the organizations that Sport for Life worked with (such as schools).
  • Attendance to webinars and trainings would be tracked within the campaign object.
  • Custom objects related to the campaign object were configured within Salesforce.
  • The campaign object was configured to capture key data, such as which organizations had the most up to date training and which organizations had taken on specific roles in events and workshops.

A serious emphasis was placed on enabling Sport for Life’s team so that they could work self-sufficiently moving forward:

  • Training, meetings, and support hours were dedicated for the purpose of teaching the Sport for Life team to use Salesforce and to help ease the transition from Excel.
  • A lot of training was done with the NPSP data-loading wizard to help ease the pain of manual data entry, as Sport for Life lacked any third party integrators.
  • Monday morning huddle sessions were conducted with the Sport for Life team to help address issues and strengthen understanding and adoption of Salesforce.
  • Traction worked with Sport for Life’s team to showcase the value of Salesforce not as a sales tool but as a customer relationship management tool in order to help ease the change management process.

Project Results

Sport for Life now enters and stores its data within a single consolidated platform:

  • Employees have better visibility into who is working with who, allowing for better collaboration and more informed decision-making.
  • Data is much easier to access and the added visibility leads to a reduction in the creation of duplicate records.
  • The Lightning enabled org offers a user-friendly and streamlined UI that provides a superior experience for end-users.

A fully fleshed out network of contacts and organizations within their Salesforce instance provides Sport for Life a much better understanding of its own organization and those they work with:

  • Sport for Life has the ability to better track the impact and effectiveness of their webinars and training sessions.
  • It is easier for Sport for Life to keep tabs on important contacts and organizations, understanding who is attending which sessions, and who is paying for events, webinars, or training sessions.

“We were able to come up with the vision of what we wanted in the long-term with Salesforce and break it down into more manageable steps with Traction to tackle gradually as we got great adoption of Salesforce in our organization. Change management takes time in all organizations, and having small, specific tasks for people to do each week helped with adoption. The hardest part is getting the data in and organized in a meaningful way for our team. Take the time to figure it out and do it right. We are still learning since we started using Salesforce, and will gradually teach new uses to our team as we get better at using the platform over time.” – Alex Wilson, Education and Evaluation Manager at Sport for Life

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