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Rolling out the Red Carpet with Sales Cloud

How ALDO is expanding the reach of its A-List Events by improving planning and communication through Salesforce Sales Cloud and a custom application.

ALDO is a major Canadian retailer with a global chain of shoe and accessory boutiques. For ALDO, success in the fashion industry is attributable to their identity as trend-setters, not trend-followers. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to maintain their strong brand image and customer base. ALDO organizes events for VIP customers (called A-List Events) to build customer loyalty, acquire new customers and promote their latest products. In order to truly optimize the efficiency and planning of their A-List Events, ALDO turned to Traction on Demand and the Salesforce platform.

ALDO Needed Better Event Planning Tools

As a way to recognize VIP clients and provide a red-carpet shopping experience, ALDO developed their A-List Events and found them to be so successful that more and more store managers wanted to host them. What they lacked was the means to scale these events, as they only had the capacity to organize them at a limited number of stores. Store managers would need to communicate their interest in hosting an event by phone, with little structure or coordination between the individual store and ALDO’s head office. Once the events were organized, ALDO had no clear visibility into customer feedback, campaign metrics, customer data or promo product orders.

A Red Carpet Experience at Every Touch Point

In order to accommodate the growth of ALDO’s events, Traction built an event management application leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud. Through an integration with Eventbrite, customers can register the same way that they had for previous events, only now, their data is funneled into Salesforce. For store managers, the creation of a Party Planning Form means that they can easily request an A-List Event for their city. Once head office approves the request within Salesforce, store managers can create custom invitations and order promo products, tracked within Salesforce. Customer feedback is collected along with other campaign data that rolls up into reports and dashboards, offering ALDO clear visibility into the success of the event.

With this new tool, ALDO is improving the range and impact of their A-List Events. From the back office to each individual store, ALDO has clear communication so they can focus their efforts on strengthening their customer base with a superior, consistent and branded experience. With Sales Cloud, ALDO is quantifying and visualizing their success to maximize their return on investment and improve future A-List Events, never losing sight of the customer experience.

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