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A-List Event Planning for ALDO with Salesforce

How ALDO refined their A-List Events with Salesforce Sales Cloud and a custom application

ALDO is a Canadian corporation that controls a global chain of shoe and accessory boutiques. ALDO’s success in the fashion industry is due to their ability to be trend setters, not trend-followers. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to maintain their strong brand image and customer base. ALDO organizes A-List events as a way to build customer loyalty, acquire new customers, and promote their latest products. After ALDO decided they wanted to truly optimize the efficiency and planning of their A-List Events, they approached Traction on Demand for guidance.

Project Challenges

Scalability barrier:
ALDO had developed a series of successful events for VIP customers (A-List Events). The purpose of these events was to recognize VIP clients and provide a red-carpet shopping experience. However, these events were largely unstructured and only a limited number of stores could host A-List events. This is because there was no system that allowed store managers to make event requests.
Uncoordinated departments:
ALDO’s business units communicated primarily over the phone. There was little structure and coordination behind event planning.
Lack of an integrated system:
A-List event attendees had been tracked through Eventbrite, while ALDO’s customer database was held in a different system. This made it difficult to effectively track campaigns and customer interactions.
Inability to generate reports and feedback:
Aldo had limited Excel-based reporting on their A-List events. Feedback on the success of the event was all manually tracked, leading to errors and inconsistency in data entry and tracking.
Inability to manage promo item orders:
Products were ordered by head office independently of A-List hosts, so they were simply shipped to the A-List locations without any visibility or collaboration with the A-List hosts.

Project Solutions

Traction proposed the development of an event management application that would run on Sales Cloud to create a more structured approach to A-List event planning. This application included a custom Eventbrite integration, offering a seamless transition for customers who could use the same registration process as they had for previous events. The major difference lay in ALDO’s back-end, where client information could be pushed and organized in Salesforce. ALDO decided on this solution and as a result, Traction implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and developed the event management application for the platform.

The New Process:
Store managers are able to fill out a Party Planning Form (PPF) requesting to host A-List events in their city. The completed PPF is stored in Salesforce and sent to the head office for approval. Once approved, store managers can create a custom invitation that prompts customers to register on an automatically generated Eventbrite page. Before the event, promo products can be ordered through Salesforce based on the host’s needs. After the event, feedback can be entered into After Party Forms. Data collected throughout the event is listed as campaign data, which can be leveraged in reporting and dashboards to offer insight into the success of the event.

Project Results

Sales Cloud and the custom application have significantly improved the communication flow between ALDO’s boutiques, its distribution center, and its back office. What was once a complicated process of manual entry has been transformed into a scalable and standardized system with the power of Sales Cloud. ALDO has expanded the scope of their A-List events by allowing individual boutiques to request events via the Party Planning Form (PPF) within Salesforce. This application has provided ALDO with the ability to:

  • Create personalized experiences for their audience through customized invitations. Store managers can add text, include multi-lingual options, and use the push button mass-email function.
  • Keep track of A-List campaigns and customers through Salesforce Campaign records. These records can be analyzed to obtain actionable insights.
  • Collect feedback (After Party Form) and generate reports that offer visibility into how to improve future events.

The Party Planning Form (PPF) is a feature will not only help boost ALDO’s overall brand image, but also increase sales for the individual store through increased exposure. Each store has the autonomy to customize their event for their specific region through the event management application. This will have implications towards improvement in lead quality and the overall return on investment for ALDO’s A-List Events. ALDO’s Eventbrite page is fully integrated with their Salesforce account, increasing efficiency in lead management and reporting as all information is drawn from the same source.

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