Client Story

LifeLock’s Key to Onboarding Success with Communities

How LifeLock is enhancing their partner experience with Salesforce Communities

LifeLock is a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services for consumers and identity risk and credit worthiness assessment for enterprises. Since 2005, they have been providing identity protection, leveraging unique data, science and patented technology and providing threat detection, proactive identity alerts, and remediation services, the cornerstones of their business. With approximately 4 million members, they’re committed to providing consumers some peace of mind against the threat of identity theft.

LifeLock services can be purchased either directly from LifeLock or through their large network of partners in industries like financial services, employee benefits, retail, subscription services, associations and insurance. These partners can offer LifeLock identity theft protection to their employees, customers, members and subscribers. LifeLock’s business relies heavily on data so they examined the processes by which they managed their partners, coming to the conclusion that they could find a simpler and more efficient solution to their business needs. They contacted Traction on Demand and immediately got to work on building that solution.

Project Challenges

Before engaging Traction, LifeLock managed their partners’ Leads, Opportunities and Accounts through a hybridized set of manual and semi-automated processes and tools. These processes involved partners submitting Opportunities manually and onboarding their end-user customers through a complicated secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) process. This cumbersome process was the result of integrating with a legacy back-end system (Oracle ODS) that required custom APIs for all integrations. This resulted in a high level of administrative overhead to manage the transfer of data and any resulting service issues.

LifeLock approached Traction with the objective of evolving their Partner Community into a scalable system that would make Lead entry and Opportunity/Account management more efficient, reduce manual overhead for both LifeLock and their partners and provide a collaborative space for additional self-serve offerings. Their Community requirements included:

  • The ability to submit referrals (Leads) and management of Opportunities and Accounts.
  • The ability to access a secure and user-friendly platform for the onboarding of their customers (transferring customer data).
  • Partner support and Case creation, management and resolution.
  • The ability to access sales, marketing and partner related resources/collateral/content.
  • The ability to update their Account/Contact information without LifeLock support.
  • Providing a collaboration tool for real time communication with their LifeLock Account managers.

Project Solutions

The solution that Traction on Demand developed leveraged Salesforce Communities as the basis for LifeLock’s partner portal. The Community integrated data from LifeLock’s Salesforce instance and used custom APIs (leveraging Heroku) to integrate with their legacy back-end Oracle ODS system as well as their marketing content creator system, Marcom. In addition, the Community leveraged Salesforce Libraries to post partner resources such as LifeLock process documentation, FAQs, Knowledge articles and best practices.

With these integrations, the partners were provided access to a number of self-service resources that helped them log/manage their LifeLock Accounts and Opportunities more efficiently and sell more effectively with LifeLock sales and marketing collateral. With a Chatter integration, the portal also allows for easier and more manageable communication with LifeLock Account representatives.

This solution also supports partner service ticket submission and resolution, reducing the administrative burden on the LifeLock team to troubleshoot data transmission issues with the former SFTP process.

Project Results

  • More than 585 partners have been on-boarded to LifeLock partner communities since launch.
  • There is now a simple and secure process for partners to on-board new customers/members
  • Better visibility is given into partner referrals and opportunities through enhanced reporting/Lead management
  • Support cases are created and resolved faster
  • Partner collaboration is enhanced, across any device at any time

Potential Future Enhancements:

  • Enhance the numbers of services available to the partners through the community
  • Add enhancements to the ticketing/services components
  • Possibly include social listening to better understand the needs and wants of their Partner Community
  • Improve sales forecasts for partners and enhanced UI and branding
A Note from Emily Westbrook, Sales Engineer at LifeLock

“Traction was thorough, always responsive, and held us accountable, which is important for any project. Their staff was a pleasure to work with and we always felt their decisions & project plan was well-thought and executed. The project was a complete new build for our company, and we truly could not have done it without them. We felt support all the way up from their executive team, down to the developers that worked on our project.”

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