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Helping Yellow Pages Digitize their Business with Service Cloud

Transitioning Yellow Pages’ business from print to digital with Salesforce Service Cloud

Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is a Canadian directory publisher and digital media company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Servicing over 250,000 businesses across the country, YPG is a household name in Canada that provides print and digital media services for companies across Canada to promote their businesses. They offer Canadians a simple and effective means of discovering local businesses.

In the last decade, YPG has had to go through a significant change in their business model, starting with almost 100% of their media service in print. Digital media service currently comprises over 5% of their total media service. To support this transformation, YPG looked to Salesforce and Traction on Demand to help their business and their customers make this transition. YPG has been working towards this since 2011 and have been able to increase revenue from digital services by almost 30% but they’re looking to grow this percentage in the coming years.

Project Challenges

  • YPG were encountering declining readership and subscriptions to their historical print business directory and understood that Canadians had shifted to online resources.
    • As a part of this transition, YPG realized they needed to provide a higher level of support for those businesses marketing with YPG online as well as those consumers using their digital services (new business locator and review application).
  • They managed over 300 call center agents who used dozens of applications and systems to manage support calls and cases. The process was tedious, manual and extremely inefficient.
    • YPG had no way of routing cases or calls to appropriate agents based on the case content.
    • There was a clear need for YPG to harmonize the customer support process across multiple teams and departments so they could provide a consistent standard of support with less effort.
    • YPG service agents handled a wide variety of cases, with over 700 permutations of categorizations. This level of complexity meant a longer agent on-boarding duration, difficulty in finding the right case and difficulty in finding the right information and solution.

Project Solutions

  • To reduce the number of support systems used, to provide a better customer experience and to create greater efficiency in the case management process, Traction implemented Service Cloud for ~300 call center agents and case management for ~1800 users across YPG’s organization.
  • Within this project, YPG implemented custom IP (from Traction), such as ‘Smart Email Templates‘ and ‘Get Next’ functionality to appropriately route cases to the correct agents based on priority and skill (the right cases are routed to the right agents at the right time), as well as ‘OST logger’ and CTI Integration. This supported a reduction in the number of service systems and a consolidation of process that had a huge impact on usability and adoption of Salesforce.
  • In order to help their customers have a more effortless experience, YPG opened up the use of the Case object to many departments, including 600 sales reps, who now have the ability to open up a case from a tablet while on site with a customer. Functionality was developed to allow a case to bypass the customer service team if handled more efficiently by someone else.
  • Case was implemented to be a company-wide application.
  • User training and knowledge transfer was initiated to enable YPG resources to take sole ownership of maintenance and enhancements of Service Cloud over time.

Project Results

  • The project has supported harmonizing the customer support process across multiple departments and teams.
  • Full transition from Traction to YPG resources for ongoing system maintenance and enhancements
  • This project has made an extremely significant impact on YPG’s call center agents, management and all service focused employees, not to mention on providing a much more effortless customer experience.

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