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Client Story

PFL: Getting LEAN and Streamlining Sales Process in 45 Days

Adhering to the manufacturing principles of LEAN, PFL is delivering more value to their customers with zero waste, leveraging Salesforce to simplify their sales process, improve collaboration and provide a better customer experience.

Cumbersome Sales Process and Lacklustre User Adoption

PFL is a marketing technology company that provides sales enablement and marketing automation solutions integrated with the leading marketing automation platforms and Salesforce, as well as printing, mailing, and fulfillment services. With various service offerings available on their website, PFL had implemented rigorous sales processes to build consistency into their business model. These processes had become overly complex and required extensive training for employees to follow them correctly. This system was too rigid, leading to mistakes and user resistance to the standardized process. In addition, PFL’s pipeline management tool, Pipedrive CRM, lacked the customization necessary to adapt to PFL’s complex sales process, causing poor visibility into customer leads.

All of these issues culminated in a lack of transparency and communication between departments, so that the Business Development team, Account Executive team and Customer Success team had no insight into what anyone else had done for a particular account. The customer experience suffered as a result.

Trimming Excess Process for Fast Results

With the goal of delivering all elements of the project within an ambitious 45-day timeframe, Traction and PFL worked to reshape sales process in alignment with Traction and Salesforce best practices. Sales Cloud was implemented and configured to provide clear guidance and transparency for various departments — allowing sales reps, for example, to view helpful tips on the Opportunity record that guide them through the sales cycle, or customer journeys for the Customer Success team that visualize the stage of a particular account in their adoption with PFL. Alongside the Salesforce implementation, Traction performed three rounds of user acceptance training with PFL’s users, ensuring that everyone was fully enabled on the platform.

Effective change management practices enabled PFL to attain 100% user adoption of Salesforce on go-live. The immediate benefits of the project have been manifold for PFL, including:

  • PFL can find data when they need it, and know who has done what for a particular account, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Real-time feedback and insight into key contacts is improving marketing handoffs to sales for a smoother sales cycle.
  • With Salesforce as the single source of truth and best practices in process, PFL can draw meaningful insights from a 360 degree view of their customers.
  • By tracking partner sourced Leads and Opportunities, PFL is better able to qualify which partnerships are most effective and seek out new partnerships.
  • Because PFL has full visibility into project bottlenecks through the Project record, they are driving reductions in customer onboarding times.

The entire PFL team has embraced the platform and is contributing to the continued improvement of their Salesforce instance by offering suggestions and flagging areas for improvement. In just 45 days, PFL has reshaped their business and have the skills and momentum necessary to continually iterate their Salesforce instance and generate even greater ROI.

Don’t Just Take our Word for it

“We are seeing tremendous value from our implementation of Salesforce across our business; from Marketing to Sales to delivering success for our customers. Salesforce and the Traction team helped us unify our data to deliver valuable insights, streamline our processes and arm our teams with the knowledge and tools to win. Working with the Traction team was challenging and aggressive, in all the right ways. They challenged us on our business processes to improve them and make them more scalable. They agreed to and hit our aggressive timelines for implementation and launch.” – Daniel Gaugler, CEO and Founder, PFL

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