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Client Story

Fast-Tracking VMware’s Strategic Acquisitions with Salesforce & Marketing Cloud

How VMware is enabling their business to scale with a repeatable Salesforce migration solution

VMware launched in 1998, transforming data centers through virtualization. Today, they continue to be a global leader in cloud infrastructure. Providing their customers with increased agility in building their IT environments, VMware has a wide range of products and services around data management, integration and security.

Having recently acquired Wavefront, an analytics platform, VMware was faced with the task of on-boarding the company’s marketing systems into its own complex Salesforce ecosystem. VMware partnered with Traction to build a solution that would establish best practices for the Wavefront Marketing Automation team as well as provide a blueprint for future acquisitions.

Building a Marketing System Migration Strategy

After acquiring Wavefront, VMware needed to migrate their new business unit from Marketo to their systems of choice: Pardot and Marketing Cloud. Wavefront was still operating according to their legacy processes, and VMware needed those to better align with their own. Beyond this individual migration challenge, VMware recognized that they would need to repeat this process with every future acquisition. Rather than to build a one-time solution, they decided to take this opportunity to construct a repeatable model that would allow them to rapidly onboard new acquisitions.

Defining VMware’s Framework

Traction migrated Wavefront from Marketo to net-new instances of Pardot and Marketing Cloud. Traction also implemented a new instance of Sales Cloud within VMware’s existing org structure. Wavefront’s existing processes were aligned with VMware’s own best practices and Traction clearly defined the role of each system within VMware’s marketing processes. The finished framework was designed to leverage the greatest strengths of each platform for optimal performance. Pardot handles all inbound activity, qualifying prospects based on their online activity and passing them to Salesforce as Leads. Marketing Cloud, on the other hand, performs all outbound email campaigns through functionality like Multi-Channel and Automated Journeys.

Consistency and Efficiency Moving Forward

With established best practices for onboarding new acquisitions, VMware is maintaining consistency at every level of their organization. This will ensure they can continue to scale. Sales and marketing within the Wavefront business unit can also cohesively work with other VMware departments. They are reducing errors as they follow a standardized process that aligns well with the rest of the company. VMware have a defined data flow that optimizes the performance of each tool, leveraging the greatest strengths of Pardot and Marketing Cloud. All of these factors have set them up for future success on the Salesforce platform.

“Overall, Traction was there every step of the way. It felt like they were an extended member of the team, and they drove an incredibly complicated project to completion on time, on budget, and with all stakeholders excited for the outcome.” – Nick King, VP of Cloud Marketing at VMware

Comments from Katrina Bollozos (Marketing Automation General Manager at Traction) and Cody Campbell (Marketing Automation Team Lead at Traction)

In future VMware migration projects, it will be much easier to decide what functionality should be shared as well as when to leverage Marketing Cloud and when to leverage Pardot. Traction worked with VMware, recommending Pardot for all inbound management and Marketing Cloud for outbound management. The underlying architecture of the three platforms (Salesforce, Pardot and Marketing Cloud) allows them to work together optimally. The entire project, including the business solution design, the build, testing and deployment, was completed in under twelve weeks in preparation for VMware’s adoption of Salesforce DMP (Krux).

Comments from Nick King, VP of Cloud Marketing at VMware

We have a new go-to-market approach for our SaaS businesses, which requires a unique Marketing Automation platform to better target new customers, but also drive our SaaS businesses end-to-end. Leveraging the Salesforce stack for our products is a key technology strategy for us to unify these efforts. We’re creating greater efficiency for new customer targeting, but also faster execution as we launch products and services while quickly iterating and learning.

We partnered with Traction to bring in their expertise and proven methodologies to ensure that our migration went smoothly but also bring the entire team along with the migration approach. Traction was able to not only lead the technology migration, but also infuse process and marketing best practice as we moved from Marketo to Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

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