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Client Story

Delivering Service Excellence with Field Service Lightning

Global Facility Management & Construction Inc. (GFM) is a leading facility management company in the United States and Canada. GFM provides a comprehensive range of facility management services including restoration, electrical, lightning, janitorial, construction cleanup, etc.

The scope of GFM’s services range from simple handyman jobs to extensive remodels. Jobs are performed either by GFM’s internal team or are subcontracted to vendor partners. As such, GFM’s business operations are highly complex, with personalized business processes for each particular client and a myriad of vendors to track and work with. Looking for a better way to manage process and relationships with their more than 250 clients, GFM reached out to Traction and began to devise a solution that would bring accountability back to all layers of their business.

Limited Visibility and Consistency

GFM provides facility management services to customers either with their own internal staff or by contracting third-party vendors. Throughout the organization, GFM staff were challenged by a lack of visibility and insight. For the management team, this was due to their inability to quantify employee and vendor efficiency, a key metric for a services company. For the rest of GFM, this was a lack of insight into which tasks needed to be completed for a particular account, as GFM maintains different processes for each particular account. Finally, GFM had no detailed database of third-party vendors that would allow them to contract vendors according to important factors such as:

  • Which types of jobs they could perform
  • The prices they charged
  • Reviews of past work

All of these factors made it difficult for GFM to establish and enforce Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the end result of which was inconsistency in process and the customer experience.

Building out a Vendor Database

Alongside Service Cloud, Traction implemented Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FSL) to streamline work order management. In addition, Traction built a custom work task manager app that allows GFM to track which tasks have been completed, and what follow ups are required for a particular work order. Reports generated from the app allow GFM to understand where they can improve their productivity. To provide GFM with a better understanding of their vendors, Traction supported GFM in conducting a survey of 18,000 third-party vendors. This allowed Traction to build a scorecard that tracks vendor performance, compliance and pricing. The quoting process was consolidated within Salesforce, allowing GFM to send their customers a single, unified quote that is on-brand and accurate.

“Our legacy system was antiquated and we knew Service Cloud would be a good fit to replace it,” says Chris Cucuzza, VP of Technology at GFM. “FSL’s work order management ties in very well to our business model and outside of schedule management there’s a lot of room to grow into its other features.”

GFM can easily visualize which vendors are in the vicinity and can quickly access the details of each vendor
Delivering the Best Services with Every Work Order

With their new Salesforce solution, GFM are driving a better customer experience at every touch point. From work order management to on-site repair, GFM have full visibility into which tasks they need to complete, allowing employees to more quickly and efficiently complete work orders, whether it’s through their internal team or contracted vendors. With 8000 active vendors in their Salesforce database, GFM is able to track and engage vendors with more insight into:

  • Who they are
  • What they can do
  • How effective they’ve been in the past

The more GFM leverages the scorecard system, the more accurate that data will become, allowing GFM to be more selective when contracting vendors. This all ensures that only the best work is done for GFM’s customers. From the initial estimate all the way to the unified quote, GFM are delivering a superior experience to their customers that will continue to improve as they iterate and scale with Service Cloud and FSL.

Comments from Chris Cucuzza, VP of Technology at GFM

We’re very excited about the data we’re collecting in our system, as it’s allowing us to learn what people are spending the most time on and drive greater efficiency. These efficiencies create happier customers and greater margins.

We’re already adapting our process and changing the way people work based on the data we’re getting. We’re also learning more about our vendors, and as we collect more data we’ll be able to be more selective about the vendors we use and enforce Service Level Agreements.

Traction has enabled us to get to this point and we’re looking forward to executing on our future roadmap, which includes rolling Salesforce out to more segments of our business.

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