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Counting their Calories and Making them Count with Sales Cloud

How Mealshare is tracking their Restaurant Partners with Salesforce Sales Cloud and NPSP

Mealshare creates partnerships with restaurants as well as charities in order to provide meals to people in need in a sustainable fashion. Engaging with many restaurants and charities, Mealshare found that their organization was growing more complex, leading to difficulties maintaining unified and efficient processes and data. They felt that they needed a CRM solution and approached Traction to help them implement Salesforce Sales Cloud with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and learn to leverage it.

Project Challenges

Without a consolidated data repository, Mealshare had a lot of difficulty managing their Leads and this made prospecting quite difficult: All of Mealshare’s constituent data was stored within spreadsheets, so there were limitations on how much reporting and analysis they could perform.

Mealshare’s small staff struggled to coordinate in the tracking of the restaurants they engaged with: In large part this pertained to task management. Mealshare often had significant follow-up work required with these restaurants, and Mealshare needed a better system of assigning and initiating these tasks. For example, once a lead is converted to a contact there are many standard procedures that need to be followed and Mealshare previously had no means of tracking who had completed which of these procedures.

Mealshare also struggled with change management issues: Staff were unused to the structure and functionality of a CRM. In particular the sales-specific terminology and the distinction between Contacts and Leads proved to be challenging.

Project Solutions

Traction implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with the NonProfit Success Pack (NPSP) to give Mealshare the power and functionality of the Salesforce platform. Leveraging the native functionality of Salesforce and NPSP addressed a lot of Mealshare’s challenges.

Restaurants were treated as Accounts and custom fields were created on the Account object to capture additional data requirements for these restaurants. When a Lead is converted to an Account Mealshare needs to track the restaurant’s engagement over time as well as the number of meals they are selling. The tracking of Account status was also configured so that Mealshare can recognize fluctuations in status.

Tracking account status and fluctuation was achieved in part through the building of custom forms. When a restaurant signs on with Mealshare, a standardized process is initiated and an onboarding package is supplied to the restaurant. Traction automated this process so that the sending of onboarding packages is triggered once an account’s status changes to active. All of the data captured by the custom forms will also be updated on the account within Salesforce.

Custom reports and dashboards were created for the Mealshare team, giving them the ability to analyze their Account data. They were also trained in this Salesforce functionality so that they could build and work on these reports and dashboards themselves.

Project Results

Mealshare now have the structure and visibility they need to better manage their Leads: With a single consolidated source of customer data, Mealshare have a better awareness of who their clients are and what tasks they need to complete to ensure that those clients are being tracked and converted correctly.

Follow up tasks are more effectively managed: Once Leads are converted to Accounts, it is much easier to onboard and subsequently track vital metrics pertaining to each account (such as the number of meals sold and the overall status of their engagement).

With reporting implemented and with Mealshare’s staff fully trained on reporting, they can now leverage greater analytical tools to gain insights into partner restaurants and their own organization.

In all, Sales Cloud and NPSP have made Mealshare more efficient: With Mealshare’s Salesforce “super admin” taking on a lot of administrative responsibility moving forward, they are poised to continue expanding and generating success with the Salesforce platform.

Project Learnings from Traction’s Jessica Demos

As one of the first Lightning implementation projects for a non-profit that Traction had tackled, there were a few bumps and bugs. We found new ways to be creative in how we worked around the process builder as well as lead conversion. In the end it all worked out, but we can use that creativity and learning in future projects.

Andrew Hall, Founder of Mealshare

“Our non-profit was in need of a better way to manage our sales and retention of partner restaurants. We’d met people from Traction before, so we decided to request a proposal. Working with Traction was fun and engaging, and their team is sharp and knowledgeable. Our CRM is running strong, enabling us to better organize or team and clients, and we’ve had excellent success with sales since. We had our best first-half ever while using Salesforce last spring and are looking forward to strong sales this fall as well.” – Andrew Hall, Founder of Mealshare

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