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Consolidating Salesforce Orgs with Pivotal

How Pivotal and Traction merged their three Salesforce orgs into one

Pivotal is a cloud-computing software company based in San Francisco, CA. In early 2013, Pivotal combined resources with EMC Corporation and VMware to produce their PaaS products. Pivotal was forced to pull data from three separate Salesforce instances, leading significant issues as a result of duplicates and incompatible data. Pivotal enlisted Traction on Demand to help them merge the orgs into one instance.

Project Challenges

Pivotal had three Salesforce orgs, each holding different information about the three different divisions of the company. This made it hard to view consolidated reporting, complicating executive level decision making. Each org had its own business processes making it difficult to easily merge the individual orgs. Duplicate records were created as a result of the merge due to the existence of the same data in more than one of Pivotal’s orgs. This made it hard for users to identify which record to work with. Marketo was used for 1 division’s Marketing Automation efforts, though it hadn’t been integrated into Salesforce, making it necessary to perform many manual steps.

Project Solutions

All three orgs were merged into one Salesforce instance. An Org Audit was performed to identify differences in data structure. Data transformation scripts were then created to convert data into an agreed upon final state. Data De-duplication with CRM Fusion was performed. Multiple rounds of de-duplication were necessary for full de-duplication. Criteria were defined to identify duplicates and CRM Fusion executed the de-duplication. A Marketo Integration was implemented with analysis performed of each division’s marketing process. A business end state was defined and data structure was manipulated to accommodate this end state.

Project Results

With all three orgs now consolidated, centralized reporting is available to Pivotal. All data is normalized and consistent with the destination org’s data structure. A unique record set is contributing to the concept of a 360 degree view of customer data. All divisions have a working process in Marketo, with leads sent to Salesforce when appropriate using Marketo’s Smart campaigns.

Detailed Results:

  • Over 80% of the fields in the three orgs were eliminated and simplified to 121 custom fields in the new org.
  • Number of centralized reports created: 63
  • Total number of records to merge: 178,771

“Salesforce was one of the first applications Pivotal implemented after its formation. It was important that we implemented quickly to gain executive buy-in and user adoption. We made a lot of decisions with limited information and Traction was there to guide us. They provided best practices and kept us on track. Even with a successful implementation, changing and evolving business needs require further enhancements. Now we can leverage the relationship we’ve built with Traction, and their knowledge of our instance, to make educated decisions and timely updates.” – Christine Malcuit, Sales Productivity Manager, Pivotal


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