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ATCO-SL Sales Cloud and Pardot Implementation

Rolling Out Sales Cloud & Pardot for Multiple Enterprise Business Units

Located in Alberta and originally founded in 1947, ATCO Group is a Canadian enterprise holdings company with 9 main subsidiaries across five continents. Their subsidiaries are engaged specifically in Structures & Logistics (ATCOSL), Utilities and Energy. With annual revenue exceeding $4.5B and a growing number of business units, ATCO Group engaged Traction to implement Salesforce as a tool to automate the current sales process and provide a centralized system to tracking key metrics. For this project in particular, Traction engaged with three business units: ATCO Group (Parent) ATCOSL and ATCO Energy.

Project Challenges

The project was brought about due to a lack of executive visibility from ATCO Group into the opportunities and projects being worked on by the various subsidiaries, ATCOSL & ATCO Energy in particular. Specifically:

An Ineffective Sales Process: ATCO had previously used Excel spreadsheets to manage sales leads and prospects, resulting in a lack of forecasting and prediction of future revenue. Manual reporting to managers and execs was done on a monthly basis. Customer quotes were created and delivered manually.

An Inability to measure marketing effectiveness: Collaboration between sales and marketing was limited, with the teams unable to determine which marketing efforts were effective at driving leads to sales (including ROI and KPI metrics).

Project Solutions

Through consultation with the Salesforce Enterprise team and Traction, ATCO decided to move to Salesforce as the system of choice. Traction also recommended using Pardot as their marketing automation platform. Subsequently, ATCO needed to decide whether it wanted one single org or multiple orgs – one for each subsidiary. It was determined that for best executive reporting, a single org would be a more optimal solution. The intention was to roll all subsidiaries into one org to provide full visibility into organizational marketing and sales opportunities across the globe. As a result, ATCO Group was built out first and provided the basic framework for the business units to follow. Each business unit was then built out, adhering to overarching Group Governance protocols while providing customization for the unique needs of each subsidiary company.

Project Results

ATCO Group, ATCO Structure & Logistics and ATCO Energy share one recently implemented instance of Salesforce for managing their sales leads, contacts and opportunities. Traction implemented two instances of Pardot to support demand generation for both business units, but they wanted to keep the leads and contacts created between the two groups private. Pardot functionality does not currently allow for database segmentation. This means it’s not possible to have two different business units using the same instance of Pardot. So Traction integrated two new Pardot instances into one Salesforce org. ATCO SL and ATCO Energy are very different businesses, and even though they may be dealing with the same key accounts, they did very different things. With those requirements, Traction tailored the Pardot instances to each business unit and managed them within Salesforce. Records needed to be common enough for the umbrella ATCO Group, yet provide enough field customization and details for each subsidiary. Some shared functionality was created as well, as an automated credit approval process was built for ATCO Energy and subsequently built and added for ATCO SL. Best practices are now being shared across the companies.

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