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Client Story

Adding Marketing Power for Republic Services with Pardot

How Traction on Demand is helping Republic Services use Pardot integrated with Salesforce to better nurture and grow their customer base

Republic Services, Inc. (RS) is the second largest provider of services in the domestic non-hazardous solid waste industry in the United States. Through its subsidiaries, Republic Services provides non-hazardous solid waste and recycling services for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers. As well, Republic Services provides reliable service through 338 collection operations, 200 transfer stations, 193 active solid waste landfills, 66 recycling centers and 69 landfill gas & renewable energy projects across 39 states and Puerto Rico.

Project Challenges

RS had one all-encompassing Salesforce org (single org ID) for 4 different business divisions. They were operating without a marketing automation platform in place, resulting in a lack of efficiency and productivity in the sales and marketing teams. RS wanted to generate more and better qualified leads. They were also looking to capture prospect information through Pardot forms using progressive profiling. Also within Pardot, they wanted to track prospect activities. Relationship nurturing was a functionality that they hoped to leverage, delivering timely and meaningful content, sending the right message at the right time during the customer journey through Pardot drip programs. Republic Services had no way of measuring prospect fit according to demographics and interest based on behaviour, and they decided that a blended grading and scoring system would be the best approach. Automated lead assignment drives sales, and they also wanted to leverage this Pardot capability, with real-time alerts and real-time customer insights.

Project Solutions

  • RS and Traction engaged in the configuration of Pardot and an integration with RS’ Salesforce instance.
  • Custom drip campaigns were configured as RS presented a complex custom drip program blueprint.
  • As part of our solution, Traction designed an alternative nurture flow that would support more marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) being created with less technical debt (custom development).
  • A scoring and grading model was established within Pardot.
  • Email content was personalized with the introduction of dynamic content.
  • Gated content was configured on landing pages, with short forms and progressive profiling implemented to increase conversion rates.
  • Following form submission, custom thank you messages and an auto-download of assets are triggered.
  • Processes for creating MQL’s were defined and implemented within Pardot.

Project Results

Traction implemented four drip campaigns with one nurture flow based on their proposed blueprints. This allows for the qualification of prospects, ensuring that they have acquired enough basic subject knowledge to become an MQL. The creation of 15 landing pages and 15 email templates (including personalized email and dynamic content) has given Republic Services far more flexibility. With a scoring and grading model in place, RS also has a threshold for multiple hand-off scenarios in the nurture stream, enhancing their efficiency. The MQL process is now defined, allowing for better efficiency and coordination. From the Salesforce queue, the third party lead qualifier decides if a lead should go back into the nurture flow or move forward to sales.

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