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A 360 Degree “SKETCH” of Constituents

How SKETCH Working Arts is leveraging Salesforce and NPSP to generate insightful reports and gain a 360 degree view of constituents.

SKETCH Working Arts creates opportunities for homeless and marginalized young people (ages 16 to 29) so they can experience transformation through the arts, build leadership and economic self-sufficiency, and cultivate social change. This is [their] twentieth year creating impact in [their] communities. (LinkedIn)

As SKETCH continued to grow, they wanted to leverage constituent data through reporting. The SKETCH team manually oversaw a combination of Sumac, Excel, Smartsheet, Google Sheets and Google Calendar. To find a solution that would consolidate constituent data in one place for easy reporting, SKETCH turned to Traction on Demand and Salesforce.

Project Challenges

SKETCH wanted a consolidated data hub so they could report on and leverage a 360 degree view of their constituents.

SKETCH had been storing constituent data across several disparate systems: A great deal of work was done manually to enter all of this data and keep it organized.

Reporting was slow and inefficient: Creating formulae and consolidating data from all of their platforms could take SKETCH all day or even as long as a week to complete.

SKETCH had no ability to leverage donor data from their donation (iATS Payments) and marketing (MailChimp) platforms: Operating as standalone systems, these platforms did not allow for high visibility and reporting into donor information or marketing campaign data.

It was equally difficult to leverage constituent data within MailChimp: SKETCH lacked the ability to use constituent data from Sumac for segmentation and targeting in their marketing and email campaigns. Remaining compliant under Canadian Anti-Spamming Legislation (CASL) was also a challenge.

Project Solutions

Traction implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP): With NPSP, SKETCH gains the ability to manage donations and track donors through household accounts.

Constituent data was migrated into Salesforce from Sumac and SKETCH’s other legacy platforms: With all constituent data consolidated into Salesforce, far less manual data entry is required than previously.

Traction built reports and dashboards: In addition to the reports generated by Traction, SKETCH can more easily create and run their own reports and create dashboards with greater efficiency.

MailChimp and iATS Payments were integrated with Salesforce:

  • Donor data from iATS is tied to Donors in Salesforce and data from MailChimp (open rate, click rate, etc.) is tied to Contacts in Salesforce.
  • SKETCH can generate Salesforce reports on monthly donations from iATS.
  • SKETCH can leverage constituent data to create powerful filters to enhance segmentation in MailChimp, ultimately improving their marketing and email campaign effectiveness.
  • The ability to leverage constituent data from Salesforce makes it easier for SKETCH to track CASL compliance.

Project Results

With Sales Cloud, SKETCH now has a single consolidated platform with accessible constituent data:

  • SKETCH is saving time through data entry as all constituent data is surfaced and managed in one place.
  • SKETCH can track donors and donations more easily with NPSP and an iATS integration.
  • Constituent data is immediately available for reporting needs.
  • Reports are ready in minutes, no longer taking a day or a week to create and run.
  • SKETCH Is gaining a 360 degree view of constituents as they can now leverage and report on constituent data from iATS and MailChimp within Salesforce.
  • Marketing campaigns are more effective, leveraging Salesforce data to track CASL compliance and create segmentation filters in MailChimp.

SKETCH is improving user engagement for board members and executives:

  • SKETCH can send automated reports to these important organization members, keeping them informed and engaged with minimal effort.
  • These reports are now generated in fifteen minutes, where before it might take a full day through Excel and Smartsheet.

From SKETCH’s Program Coordinator, Allie Harvey:

  • In September 2017, we executed our first mail out since adopting Salesforce. A task that used to take multiple days for SKETCH staff to compile and distribute now takes less than eight hours! Salesforce is a tool that has helped automate so many processes, and is saving our staff valuable time and energy.
  • Through adopting the Non-Profit Success Pack, we have been able to partially or completely move our Resource Development team, Executive team, Communications team, and Accounting team onto the Salesforce platform. As our build projects with Traction continue, we hope to fully move all departments to Salesforce, including our Operations team, Human Resources team, Social Enterprise, Programming team, and Administrative Platform Management team. Because we’ve been able to see the highly intricate level of customization available through Salesforce, we know that this database has the capacity to manage all of our unique organizational needs.

Project Learnings from Michael Beaty, Solutions Consultant at Traction

This project was our first major modular project where we imparted more best practices to SKETCH, with the idea of building a system that would grow with them. Less focus on elaboration, more on standing up and telling them how we recommend they handle these pieces in the system. By running this project modularly, instead of saving all of the training until the very end of the project as we normally do, we scheduled 1 hour sessions each week where I defined what had been built that week, demo’d those features, and trained them on how to take the needed steps to: log a donation, manage a household account, etc. We saved the admin training until the end, as it was more focused overall. The result of this was a much more personal and relatable training structure that 3 stakeholders, new to Salesforce, were much more receptive to.

Clients often know that they need a new system, but they don’t know how to get started. SKETCH deferred to Traction because we imparted our best practices to them, rather than simply fulfilling a series of requirements.

What does SKETCH say?

“The implementation of Salesforce at SKETCH has been incredible. Traction on Demand helped us to identify and relieve our biggest organizational pain points around the ways we were collecting, storing, and analyzing data, and worked with us to build the solution to our problems. Our key pain point was our inefficient and inaccessible system of storing data across a multitude of different applications, users, and platforms (hard copies, server, an ineffective database, shared online spreadsheets, documents, and folders, all managed by different staff members, etc.). Using Salesforce now allows us to have all of our information stored in one, secure location that all staff can access when they need to. All of this infrastructure will make it possible for SKETCH to better track, support, and tell the story of its impact with young people impacted by poverty and homelessness.” – Allie Harvey, Program Coordinator at SKETCH Working Arts

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