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Workplace Reopening Guide: How to Plan for Your Reopening

Workplace Reopening Guide

Traction on Demand’s Workplace Reopening Guide and Readiness Checklist

As we transition into our next normal, organizations of all shapes and sizes need to adopt new platforms and processes, in order to reopen their workplaces and reconnect with their communities – safely and efficiently.

We’ve created a Workplace Reopening Guide –  alongside a suite of essential solutions  –  to provide technical insights, and expert advice to help you safely reopen, build new capabilities, and enable lasting change. 

Download: Workplace Reopening Guide and Readiness Checklist


Every business understands the importance of the three Ps: People, Process and Product. As you shift into this new normal, your organization needs to be setting its sights on the fourth P: Place. Our mission is to guide you down the reopening path — using each of the four P’s as signposts along the way. 

“We must remember this is a people-first challenge and to approach it with the empathy and understanding it requires.”

Use this Workplace Reopening Guide to build and execute a reopening strategy that considers:

1. People: Creating a reopening strategy that places your people at the forefront 

2. Process: Introducing new processes and frameworks to create a safe workplace, maximize technology investments and drive long-term change

3. Product: Implementing new solutions or technologies to propel your reopening strategy

4. Place: Altering workforce distribution and physical workspaces in line with new health and safety protocols

Workplace Reopening Guide Preview:

Part 1: People

With the health and safety of individuals as the primary consideration when returning to work, businesses are tasked with navigating new realities, expectations and legal requirements.

Employee Wellbeing 

It’s an organization’s duty to protect the health and wellbeing of their staff, clients and guests. For that to happen, you’ll need to consider the right wellness programs, equipment and support needed for your specific audiences.

Health and Safety

  • Assessing employee readiness and health status to safely return to work
  • Controlling and screening of visitors and employees
  • Required personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Logging and tracking of COVID-19 symptoms and cases
  • Providing access to education and training 

Mental Wellness

  • Monitoring and tracking employee sentiment 
  • Providing access to wellness resources and support

Legal Responsibilities

  • Working with local and state-level governing bodies 
  • Discussing employee rights to refuse returning to the workplace
  • Understanding legal responsibilities related to employee wellness information

Up-skilling and Education

As your organization pivots to meet new business demands, existing roles may change, and you may need to allocate employees to new jobs or responsibilities. It’s also vital that each and every team member understands and adheres to new safety protocols and expectations. Here’s some ways you can keep everyone on track:

Policies and Procedures 

  • Creating a single source of truth for health and safety information
  • Documenting, publishing and updating new protocols 
  • Tracking employee completion of required learning tasks 
  • Providing access to education and training

Learning Resources

  • Creating a hub to house resources and learning materials 
  • Upskilling employees with new tools and technologies

Part 2: Process

Business process is drastically changing as we head into the next normal. How people and data will flow – from staggering employee shifts, to limiting meetings and heightening safety protocols – must be an essential part of your organization’s reopening strategy. 

To continue reading download the full Workplace Reopening Guide and Readiness Checklist.

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Be prepared for the road ahead with Traction on Demand’s Workplace Reopening Guide and Readiness Assessment Checklist.

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