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Why Traction on Demand Loves Working with Patagonia

As a B Corporation, Patagonia is a company with unwavering adherence to its values, including a willingness to advocate for better stewardship of our planet. That happens to be a key reason why Traction loves working with them — as a fellow B Corp, we are full of like-minded individuals who enjoy doing work that will have a positive impact on communities large and small. We like their values as well as their products, and on any given day, Patagonia gear can be easily spotted at Traction.

Patagonia’s Worn Wear program is a sustainability initiative that allows customers to purchase used clothing, recycle their clothing in a responsible way, or repair their own Patagonia products (either themselves or through Patagonia’s repair services). Ultimately, that means keeping Patagonia products in action longer to reduce their environmental footprint.

Recently, Traction had the exciting opportunity to work with Patagonia’s team in Japan, who were looking to leverage greater efficiency in their product repair process. Our company ethos is to empower organizations with tools that help them make an impact, and Traction successfully delivered just that in this project. What makes this a great story is the reminder of the ripple effects that we can all cause when we enable and partner with people who are dedicated to doing the right thing.

Read the full story of how we helped Patagonia’s repair program in Japan here.

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