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Why the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack V3 is What You Have Always Wanted!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending two days with the Salesforce Foundation to participate in the most recent Nonprofit Starter Pack Community Sprint. These sprints bring together a variety of individuals who spend two full days working to enhance the features of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). This was my first sprint and it truly reflected how strong the community surrounding the Salesforce Foundation is. Alongside the contingent of developers working to create the features we have all been waiting for were an equal amount of people, like me, who were there to improve documentation and outline common use cases that the NPSP can address.

The theme of this sprint was based around how organizations can get the most out of upgrading from Version 2 to Version 3 of the NPSP. There are over 12,000 organizations still on Version 2 who are eligible to make the upgrade which will give them access to all the new features and functionality that Version 3 offers. Time and time again, I hear the question, “why should I make the upgrade to V3?”

Let me make things easy for you, here are my top three reasons for why you should make the upgrade to Version 3!

Upgraded Functionality
My first and main reason why you should make the upgrade to V3 is the massive improvements to the crucial components for non-profit organizations. No point in repeating, follow the following links to learn more about the new improvements to the NPSP.

Unlock Future Capabilities
Although recently released Lightning interface isn’t ready for users of NPSP, moving to V3 will put your organization one step closer to benefiting from the Lighting platform as improvements are made. If the features listed above weren’t enough, there are more coming! The teams who weren’t focused on the upgrades were working on building brand new functionality within the NPSP. No promises to make, but this is a team of users and consultants that know where the NPSP can be improved and are dedicated to doing so!

Push Updates
By switching to V3, your org will instantly be pushed, on a bi-weekly basis, updates when fixes, system improvements and new features are released. This means less work for you!

By now you’re probably thinking, “How do I get started?” I’m glad you asked, there are a few different options that you can try. Firstly, you can check out the DIY instructions for upgrading to V3 of the NPSP. If you need some help you can connect with the dedicated Power of Us Hub group and seek extra support and guidance. Lastly, you can connect with our team and explore Traction’s offerings for upgrading to NPSP V3 to give you an extra hand while making the change!

Happy upgrading!

Jessica Langelaan
Strategic Services Manager, Traction for Good

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