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What to Expect at Salesforce’s True North Dreamin

We can’t promise the crazy won’t rub off on you. Here are some Trailblazers at a recent community event. Photo: Zoe Jong

It will be the first of its kind when it kicks off on July 11. There have been others—in various cities around the world—but True North Dreamin (TND’19) is Canada’s first ever Salesforce community conference.

True North Dreamin is being organized by a team of nine passionate volunteers from across Canada with the goal of connecting Trailblazers and providing valuable content. Those on the West Coast who can’t join the Ottawa event in person can plan to be at the TND Redux event in Vancouver on July 25 (more details to come).

Like any of the smaller community driven events—such as the Salesforce community sprints—that have come before, attendees can expect to learn from highly involved, super enthusiastic Salesforce MVPs. But just what is it about the Salesforce ecosystem that fosters goodwill between all these shiny, happy people?

Like Summer Camp, but with More Salesforce

Jeffrey Kimball of Traction on Demand will be presenting at TND’19.

When I ask Jeffrey Kimball, Enterprise Solutions Consultant at Traction on Demand and a presenter at TND’19, if it has anything to do with Salesforce’s Ohana culture, he’s quick to add that these type of events are successful because of the type of people Salesforce attracts. “Salesforce attracts a totally different kind of person. They have a sales mindset. They are naturally gregarious types,” he says, sharing that he had been in a sales-type role in a previous life, and like many others in the ecosystem naturally became an expert in Salesforce after using it day after day.

“Salesforce has created an environment in which collaboration and experimentation is encouraged,” continues Jeffrey. “Salesforce can be way more fast and loose and experimental than other CRMs. It’s what Salesforce has allowed to happen. Salesforce allows for a lot of iterative trials.” In this way, according to Jeffrey, it’s cultivated a grassroots movement in which users want to share what they have learned and what they know. Salesforce regularly adds functionalities and acquires new technologies, making these community events necessary. It’s the way users can learn from one another when it comes to innovative ways of using the platform.

Learn from the Very Best

While we’re obviously very excited for Jeffrey’s presentation on Field Service Lightning at True North Dreamin, we’re equally jazzed for the keynote speakers: Chris Duarte, VP of Trailhead Content at Salesforce; Leah McGowen-Hare, a Senior Director at Salesforce; and Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce (and two-time participant at our very own TractionForce). There will also be 40+ breakout sessions rounding out the world-class content at this event.

For Jeffrey, True North Dreamin won’t be just about sharing his expertise; he’s excited to learn from others too. He’ll be travelling from his hometown of Woodstock, New Brunswick, where he works remotely, to Canada’s capital for the two-day event. His reasons for attending include “to get that energy from all the folks and to learn a little bit about what all the folks in the different worlds of delivery are doing. There are always things being built that are inspiring to hear about.”

Register for True North Dreamin and use our code “TractionSpecialTND19” for a special discount. See you there!

karen glanzberg traction on demand

Written by Karen Glanzberg, Content Developer/Storyteller at Traction on Demand.

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