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Walk it Out: Our Take on the Walking Meeting

Walk it Out: Our Take on the Walking Meeting

Raise your hand if you’re tired of video meetings?  *Entire remote workforce across the world raises hand*. We hear you!

Each quarter, we take time to reflect on the quarter that was, and look forward to what’s ahead. Pre-COVID, this was a time to get away from our laptops, congregate as a team, perhaps grab a drink. Fast forward to today’s remote workforce, with overbooked calendars and video fatigued-teams, we thought it was time to shake up our quarter-end reflections and provide Tractionites reprieve from another company-wide video call.

The Power of Podcast

Enter the podcast. 

I know what you’re thinking: they aren’t new. And, you’re right! In fact, over the past five years, podcasts have taken the world by storm. According to Edison Research, 75 percent of Americans are now familiar with the term “podcasting” and more than 5 in 10 have listened to a podcast themselves. Podcasts not only provide a much-needed respite from our screens but also allow listeners to multi-task, improving their ability to absorb in-depth information in a tactile learning environment. 

So what happens if we take podcasting principles and apply them to our video-fatigued workforce? Well, as we discovered last week, it provided an opportunity for our teams to once again get away from their screens and find some mental headspace to reflect on our values and how our individual contributions drive the direction of the business.

It’s the Little Things

“If there’s one thing I want to carry forward into our new normal is that it’s the little things. Showing people you care. Showing them that you respect their time. Why not take a walk and connect with nature while you listen to a company all-hands?” said Greg Malpass,  Founder & CEO at Traction on Demand.

“The team has responded so positively to these little things and in turn, it’s made our leadership team focus even more on curiosity, adventure and creativity.  With this, we are gaining more clarity on what ‘forward to work’ is and should feel like.  And it is better than we had ever imagined.” 

Walk the Walk

From walking the dog to riding bikes, shovelling snow to baking cookies, Tractionites across the world enjoyed a change of scenery to take in the quarter-end celebrations. Here’s a snapshot of what they shared after the podcast:


Justin Mitchell 

“Just want to mention that not only did it feel great to get out and walk while listening to this, without the ability to multi-task or get distracted by Slack I found myself paying a lot more attention! Loved it”


Linda Wong

“Went for a little jog this morning! My favourite way to listen to podcasts.”


Ofer Ben-Dov 

“-13 is not my cup-of-tea for an outside walk, so here’s what I’m doing while listening”


Nicole Tattrie

“What a way to start the morning, with my favourite fur face , in our neighborhood, with a coffee, on a crisp winter day, listening and learning about all the things to come”


Cindy York

“Incorporated the podcast in our morning workout routine and made it to school on time! :woman-cartwheeling::skin-tone-2:


Tom Martin

“Listening to Growing Fast while Pedaling Slow! Thanks for the motivation to get out on the local trail a bit.”


Asa Nerelius

“Luna and I went bushwhacking in the woods for the first time in a while, thank you for pushing this 6-month baby belly to explore off trail! Climbed over some fallen trees, traversed a creek, climbed a river embankment – all in all felt like a very Traction-y outing!”


Riaz Amershi

“Loved the format, being outside and taking in some steps in while getting excited about what’s in store for Traction!”


Chris Peacock 

“So good to get the heck out of the house even if we are in a polar vortex. Great podcast full of great voices and great vision. So proud to be a part of this movement.” 

How to Incorporate a Walking Meeting in Your Day

We know walking is good for our health. Research has found that workers who remain inactive for over 13 hours are twice as much at risk of dying prematurely as those who were sedentary for 11.5 hours. Yikes! 

Not only is walking good for physical and mental health, but studies have also shown that walking actually boosts creative output by about 60%. So, how do you implement a walking meeting into your day? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Pick the right meetings. Start with brainstorming sessions or more casual get-to-know-you appointments.

2. Limit the guest list. Keep your walking meeting to one or two participants, any more and it will be difficult to ensure everyone’s heard. 

3. Plan an agenda. Like every meeting, ensure your goals are defined and understood by all attendees.

4. Send a follow-up. While you don’t need to be at your computer to be productive, it’s often helpful to send a brief summary of the meeting to ensure follow up items are actioned. 

Walk with us!

Are you looking for your next challenge? Do you want to thrive in a growing organization that walks the walk, placing people, purpose and planet on par with profit?

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