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Vonage’s NewVoiceMedia Solution: TractionForce 2019 Sponsor Highlight

When NewVoiceMedia (NVM), a Vonage company, first entered the computer telephony integration (CTI) market, it wanted to do more than provide a service to integrate phone calls with business systems. NVM saw a noticeable gap in business communications and built the solution to fix it.

Organizations were wasting time, money and resources trying to force systems to work together across organizational and geographical boundaries. The result was ineffective communication, frustrated customers and poor business results across the board.

NewVoiceMedia’s Collective Why

Looking to transform business communications, NewVoiceMedia wanted to strike a balance between technology and human connection. With a fully-integrated cloud system, NVM is now able to help organizations embrace technology, so they can focus on great conversations with their customers.

What about chatbots and self-service options?

While automated options do have a purpose in customer service, research demonstrates that three-quarters of consumers prefer to have their inquiries handled by a person. NVM’s research further expands on this theory:

  • 65% of consumers worry that a chatbot won’t fully understand their issue
  • 49% of consumers find it difficult to get answers to simple questions
  • 45% of consumers dislike the lack of personal service experience

In the end, people prefer to engage with people, particularly when an inquiry becomes emotional and complex. NVM bridges distances and devices to bring conversation, the most vital business exchange, back to the heart of every customer interaction.

How NewVoiceMedia’s Why Benefits its Customers

In an ever-connected world, customers expect a rich and consistent service experience across all channels, regardless of the organization they’re working with.

NewVoiceMedia empowers front-line contact centre teams to provide the best service and experience across all channels. By supplying access to all the information an agent needs to support a customer through a case, the advisor can focus on the conversation, making each service experience memorable for the customer.

NewVoiceMedia is taking the stage during the TractionForce 2019 Tech Talks to discuss how simplifying processes gives space to your service team, allowing the delivery of exceptional customer service. Secure your ticket to TractionForce 2019 today and learn first-hand from customer service experts on the NewVoiceMedia team.

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