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TractionForce Will Be Different Than Any Tech Event You’ll Attend in 2016

Yeah, it’s a pretty bold statement, but I truly believe we have what it takes to back it up. What do I think sets TractionForce apart from other tech events?

First and foremost, we’re a services organization. This means we’re not going to be up on stage selling you on how our product has revolutionized business. Success for a services firm is seen through client success. So TractionForce will showcase clients, businesses and community leaders who we believe have compelling stories to share. We hope they will inspire and educate you.

This is a free event. This is a good thing for reasons other than the obvious – you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to listen to great speakers and learn from industry leaders. We won’t have to spend a dime on them either. These inspiring leaders will be attending solely because they believe in technology and want to support their community, making their presence and message even more powerful and compelling.

It’s a celebration of community. Traction on Demand and grown on the backs of the Vancouver business community. We’ve been shown tremendous support from local businesses like TELUS, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, O2E, Herschel Supply Company, Vision Critical, Canlan Ice Sports, Kit & Ace, BuildDirect, MEC, Absolute Software and so many others. Our community goal is two-fold:

1. Showcase the organizations we work with and what they’ve accomplished for the benefit of others in the community.

2. Highlight other innovative tech initiatives that are raising British Columbia’s profile as a leader in the market.

Candidly, it’s also a great opportunity for the entire Traction team to see the impact their work has made on local businesses. We encourage every Tractionite to attend TractionForce, step back from their daily routine and be proud of what we’ve collectively accomplished.

We haven’t crammed the room full of sponsors – six or seven at most. Traction on Demand operates with something called the “perfect stack” – a list of best of breed technology vendors that are category leaders in their field. We recommend these vendors above all others, not because we get more points on the dollar but because we believe they’re the right technologies for our customers. If we do get referral fees from them, we donate them directly to charity so they don’t muddy the waters.  The vendors you’ll meet are attending because we stand behind (and work with) their technologies and believe you should know about them.

If you’ve attended TractionForce in the past, I hope you’ll attend again because our content, format and message has evolved – as we grow, we learn and look to pass that on to you. If you haven’t attended before, I promise there won’t be a better or freer way to learn about what others are doing with the same technologies available to you and your business. Learn more and register here.

Written by Kevin Murray, Manager of Marketing Alliances.
Written by Kevin Murray, Manager of Marketing Alliances.
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