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What Does This Year’s TractionForce Theme—The Collective Why—Mean for Nonprofits?

Regardless of theme, TractionForce is a great way for the business and nonprofit communities to come together, share insights and be inspired year after year.

For six years now, with every iteration of TractionForce, we have shared a singular message to help every attendee move beyond technology to be informed, provoked and inspired.

The changing theme of our annual business transformation event, now heading into its seventh year, has never failed to resonate with both our commercial business and nonprofit customers.

In 2016, for example, the theme Every Company is a Technology Company really drove home the idea that leading organizations are technology-first organizations. Last year’s theme, Empowered People, Enabled Organizations, applies to any type of organization. These themes and others, in their universal nature, have provided valuable lessons to all TractionForce attendees over the years.

Drive your mission forward

This year’s theme—The Collective Why—talks to a new generation of businesses, which are uniting people, process and technology around a “raison d’etre” in a way never seen before. But this approach, where leaders recognize that motivation and direction come from truly understanding the purpose of the business, is not new to the nonprofit sector. Some might even say nonprofit organizations are the originators of the Collective Why. So what does this year’s TractionForce theme mean for nonprofits?

Where our commercial customers may think about the Collective Why in terms of how it drives their investments in their people, process and technology to achieve success, we, on the nonprofit side, invite everyone with an already established Collective Why to join us as we explore how putting a clearer focus on people, process and technology will drive your mission forward.

Nonprofit presence at TractionForce 2019

This year, the Cloud Expo will offer incredible insights to every nonprofit attendee:

People: Hear from Jarrod Bell, CIO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, on how you might be surprised to find out it’s less about the tech and more about your people when leading a digital transformation.

Process: Learn from two organizations, big and small, on the role process plays in making technology choices to be better, faster and smarter at making a difference and delivering on the organizational mission.

Technology: Hear it straight from the people on the ground. Learn about the best practices and new features that make Nonprofit Cloud the right choice for your organization straight from the product team.

And, there’s more to come! Follow us on LinkedIn for TractionForce updates and register for the May event here.

Written by Jessica Langelaan, Vice President of Nonprofit Solutions at Traction on Demand.

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