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TractionForce 2019: A Conversation with Jennifer Johnston Di Loreto

We are so excited for Jennifer Johnston Di Loreto, Senior Director of Global Employer Branding at Salesforce, to join the TractionForce keynote speaker line up and share Salesforce’s formula for employee engagement. On May 23, she’ll take to the stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to discuss how Salesforce is activating the potential of each employee as one of FORTUNE’s Best Companies to Work For®.

We spoke to Jennifer recently about the upcoming conference, the core principles that make Salesforce one of the Best Companies to Work For® and the importance of employee engagement.

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

To many, Salesforce and customer relationship management (CRM) are intrinsically linked. Salesforce is now positioning that organizations can use the platform to manage employee relationships too. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Jennifer Johnston Di Loreto, Senior Director of Global Employer Branding at Salesforce.

Employees want social, mobile, smart and connected tools and experiences like the ones they use outside of work, inside of work. The world outside of work has changed dramatically. Today’s customers are empowered and have bigger expectations of the companies they do business with than ever before. And companies have been racing to upgrade their customer systems and experiences to meet these growing expectations.

But most employers are still running the same old plays and expecting different results. Things like broken intranets and help tickets to nowhere, the dreaded annual goal-setting and performance review processes, learning and development opportunities reserved for the chosen few, collaborating via endless emails and meetings, and surveys that don’t result in action. Seriously, no one likes those, right?

To solve this problem, we, and many of our customers, are using the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to create consumer-like tools and experiences for our employees. We use the platform and components of our various cloud technologies to decrease frustration, increase collaboration, and automate processes across the full employee life cycle.

What is Salesforce’s Collective Why and how does connecting people (employees or customers) with technology contribute to this purpose?

Salesforce was started with a vision for a different kind of company — to change the way the world does business and at the same time, improve the state of the world. Our core values of trust, customer success, innovation and equality are the guiding lights that drive what we do every day.

We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—an incredible wave of innovation and technology that is radically transforming our economies, societies and daily lives. Salesforce is enabling companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful technologies—cloud, mobile, social, internet of things and artificial intelligence—to connect to their customers in a whole new way. We’re sharing insights from our engagements with more than 150,000 customers and our own success story to help our customers capitalize on the opportunities and meet the challenges of doing business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Trust is your number one value and it’s clear that employee engagement plays a big part in developing trust. Why is it so important to stay engaged throughout employment? Any recommendations for organizations looking to increase their employee engagement?

Employee engagement is not easy. We don’t have it all figured out, but we are working a formula that is proving to be successful for us and that formula is culture + technology + data = engagement.

  • Culture: Our founders took a very intentional approach to culture. Our approach to a values-first culture is what drives the passion, productivity, pride and loyalty of not just our employees but of our entire Ohana of Trailblazers, including our customers, partners, communities and all of our stakeholders.
  • Technology: Along the way, we’ve learned that a great culture is not enough for today’s employees. They also want a frictionless and connected experience inside work, just like the one they have outside of work.
  • Data: The happy accident has been that when we give our employees cloud, social, mobile, smart and connected tools. They use them more and we get more data, data we can use to optimize their experience and make smarter talent decisions.

We work this formula at every stage of the employee journey from hiring and on-boarding to ongoing engagement and advocacy programs. It’s also evident in the innovative tools, like our Trailhead Learning Experience Platform, that help our employees skill up and programs like internal careers that help increase our people’s ability to find their next great job inside the company.

Why is TractionForce the right place to share your story? And what are you hoping the audience will get out of it?

Every industry and companies of all sizes are grappling with the challenges of navigating business in this rapidly changing new digital world. The technical challenges are matched only by the organizational ones. This urgency to act is drawing customers to Salesforce for guidance.

We have the technology to connect with customers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We have the values that create value in the current business environment. We’re listening to and learning from our 150,000 customers, and we’re sharing insights from hundreds of major customer transformations that we’ve been a part of. We’re also leveraging own best practices that are driving our own incredible story of growth, innovation and impact, and our reputation as the number one World’s Best Workplace, according to Great Place to Work.

Employees are my wheelhouse, so I’m going to be talking about employee engagement and success. I’m hoping the audience will walk away with some tangible ideas that will help them activate the full potential of every employee at their company to drive success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What’s the one thing that’s happening at Salesforce that you’re the most excited about?

I’m thrilled that many of our customers are now realizing that they need to spend as much time transforming employee experience as they do transforming customer experience and that they can use the Salesforce Platform and some of our award-winning culture building plays to decrease friction and amp up productivity in every area of their business.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Jennifer. See you at TractionForce!

Want to be a part of the conversation? Join us at TractionForce this Thursday at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to learn more from Jennifer Johnston Di Loreto and other exciting speakers.

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