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TractionForce 2018 Recap: Musings from Maurice

As it’s been almost a full week since TractionForce, it seems like a good time to look back at what we saw, heard and learned. If I jostled anyone with my antlers, I’m really sorry, we’ve never had this many people attend TractionForce! With more than 1000 in-person attendees and livestream viewers, it was quite the crowd. The day was jam-packed with great content from expert speakers around the business world. With so much to digest, it’s important to take a moment to reflect.

If you missed out, we’ve put together a TractionForce 2018 recap video.

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The day started out with six breakout sessions targeting the business challenges we hear most our customers, looking at the different ways the Salesforce platform and other tech can be leveraged to address these challenges. As I was off doing important moose things, I didn’t hear any of them, so I took a bit of time to learn what each session was about.

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Driving Efficiency and Converting Customers to Advocates with Salesforce & the AppExchange
Doug Rybacki at Conga and Aaron Zuccolin from Traction on Demand partnered to discuss how pre-built solutions available on the AppExchange can offer quick automation and efficiency gains. Salesforce is a flexible and versatile tool, but sometimes the easiest option makes the most sense.

Trailblazing in the Age of Intelligent Marketing
Traction on Demand’s Dave Jenkins, Salesforce’s Shachin Ghelani and Indochino’s Madison Norton elaborated on the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With a “made to measure” instance of Marketing Cloud, Indochino is driving more value from their email campaigns, reporting lift in revenue of 171% via their Canadian email channels.

Making an Impact with Salesforce Analytics
Dustin Pitts of and Celine Chuang of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center were joined by Traction on Demand’s Dave Rees to discuss the use of Salesforce Analytics in the non-profit world. Dave provided some insight into how Traction for Good measures its impact using Salesforce.

Building a Connected Constituent Journey
Partnering with‘s Dustin Pitts, Samantha Turley and Lindsay Hui mapped out and delivered insight into an improved and connected constituent journey. According to them, organizations shouldn’t neglect direct mail efforts when building out constituent journeys (4.4% response rate for direct mail compared to 0.12% for email).

Building a Connected Company with Data Governance, Integration & Salesforce Analytics
Sol Waters from Dell Boomi joined Traction on Demand data and analytics experts Jerry Schweiger and Dave Rees to put together a three-pronged approach to building a connected company. With solid integrations and data governance, analytics drive greater ROI, allowing organizations to leverage historical data to describe, predict and prescribe according to data-driven insights.

Transform Customer Service & Empower your Mobile Workforce
Traction on Demand Service Cloud wizard Dave Galloway joined Tony Bone and Kayleigh Roberts from Salesforce to discuss Field Service Lightning and how it’s empowering employees to deliver an effortless customer experience. Whether it’s easily scheduling new service appointments or fostering quick and automated communication between agents and customers, FSL has a lot to offer.

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Our TractionForce 2018 Keynote Speakers had me Like a Deer in Headlights

Being a moose, I spent most of my day curling, playing bocce, and sampling Rogers Arena’s finest delicacies, but I understand that many of you were probably more interested in our theme of Empowered People, Enabled Organizations. I saw lots of that too. You might not have seen me in the crowd, but moose are notoriously shy. I watched a handful of ToD volunteers check in hundreds of attendees using technology built by their colleagues. I was there listening to Canada Drives’ Cody Green as he spoke of their enablement project with Traction on Demand. I heard Tiffani Bova offer insights and stories about empowering individuals and writing for her personal hero at the Huffington Post. I imagined the fresh mountain powder of Golden, BC as Greg Porter and Don Bell discussed their shared passions for heli-skiing and delighting their customers. And, of course, I heard Greg Malpass elaborate on the importance of coffee…

The Evolution of TractionForce

All in all, the sixth annual TractionForce was so much more than a technology conference. At Traction on Demand, we’re all about questioning convention and pushing the envelope. The format this year was anything but conventional. Oddly enough, my favourite part of TractionForce had nothing to do with lobster rolls, curling, wireless headsets or scotch glasses. It had everything to do with the smiles, pauses and even head scratches of attendees who experienced something that invited them to think differently.

Written by Maurice the MooseWritten by Maurice the Moose

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