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TractionForce 2018: Improving the Customer Experience by Empowering Your Employees with Salesforce

In 2013, TractionForce explored a topic that was very new to most organizations – the cloud. 200 professionals met to better understand the technology and learn how it would improve their business processes. Fast forward to last year’s TractionForce, where almost 1,000 professionals dissected the adaptive enterprise and the role technology plays in keeping companies nimble in an ever-changing marketplace.

TractionForce 2018 explores the concept of the enabled organization and highlighting the importance of the individual employee in its success.

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What is an enabled organization? Simply put, it’s an organization (for-profit, non-profit, big, little or of any industry) that empowers its employees with technology and data to make informed decisions and act decisively in the best interest of the company.

Now, if you were asked to name an enabled organization, chances are you’d think of the companies that are making headlines:

Each of these examples focuses on improving the customer experience by first building a better employee experience. But you don’t have to be a global organization to experience the transformational impact of technology. Enterprise cloud-tech platforms, like Salesforce, reduce barriers to adoption and increase accessibility to new businesses and industries. As a result, organizations of all sizes are quietly experiencing success leveraging this technology to empower their team to make data-driven decisions and improve the customer experience.

Highlighted below are just three companies who are leading the charge in improving the customer experience by focusing on their employees.

Haws provides their marketing team with data-driven insights

While adidas underwent a complete digital overhaul, marketing empowerment can also come in smaller steps. For Haws, a company that provides hydration and safety solutions like water fountains and eyewash stations, this started with collecting the right data throughout the marketing cycle.

Haws implemented Pardot, optimized forms and built in marketing automation best practices late last year to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Following the initial integration, the marketing team experienced tangible results within the first six months:

  • 15% increase in requests for quotes
  • 98% average email delivery rate
  • 30% increase in mailable email database

“With Pardot, our marketing team can test and compare the success of different digital demand gen channels (e.g., PPC vs. email vs. webinars) in a single source of truth,” says Ariel Castro, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Haws. “That enables improved marketing funnel performance, lower cost-per-user acquisition and higher marketing dollar ROI.”

By improving their marketing tools and reporting capabilities, Haws enabled the team to more effectively execute targeted demand generation campaigns, pass off more qualified leads to sales and hit individual targets.

Dicom enables their sales team to make strategic decisions

While technological innovation often appears to prioritize support for B2C sales, B2B organizations can still leverage technology throughout their sales cycles.

Consider Dicom, a Quebec-based transportation and logistics company. Their sales team was unable to effectively do their job because they were working across disparate systems, supplemented by emails and assorted pieces of paper. This left the Dicom team without a single source of truth. Moving all this information into Salesforce [VIDEO], Dicom’s sales team gained unparalleled insight into their customer base to make better strategic decisions.

“The days of gut-feel management are gone and we’re more into the science of decision making,” says Kirk Serjeantson, CIO at Dicom. “That only happens with the right data at your fingertips and giving that back to an employee so they can make the right decisions about the business in a very short period of time.”

Patagonia Japan saves their service team time

As Dave Galloway, Traction on Demand’s VP of Service Cloud Adoption, says, “Don’t try to deflect service. Make it effortless and the customer will love you for it.” While leveraging technology helps to streamline the service process, it also allows your agents the ability to focus on simplifying your customer interactions.

Patagonia Japan decreased customer effort in their repair program by making it easy to track the progress of a garment throughout the process.

  • This improved the employee experience with fewer manual steps to process an item, and
  • limited the customer effort by tracking a garment throughout the repair and returning it faster.

“Our new system provides all the repair management such as status, location tracking, work time, and other things in an easy to use workflow. Now we can take actions and shorten our delivery time,” says Takeo Hirata, Director of eCommerce Japan at Patagonia.

Why empower individuals?

According to the Harvard Business Review, when employees feel empowered to do their best work, they are more likely to be confident in their role, commit to meaningful goals and demonstrate initiative. At Traction on Demand, artificial intelligence and Traction Pulse give each Tractionite a better understanding of the work they care about. This empowers each individual to identify the work they care about most and align their workload with their interests. This inevitably leads to a better customer experience as the project team is more invested in their success.

The theme of individual empowerment will play a significant role at this year’s TractionForce event. Breakout sessions, keynotes and panel conversations will all consider the role of the individual in business transformation.

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