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TractionForce 2016: What Do You Mean by “Every Company is Becoming a Tech Company?”

We can’t give away too much before TractionForce 2016 on June 9th, but the theme of our annual conference – which Traction on Demand’s CEO Greg Malpass and other keynote speakers will discuss – was born organically out of the work we’ve been doing over the past two years. Our theme is inspired by seeing businesses of varying shapes, sizes and purposes drive themselves forward using the same technologies in very different ways.

All we’ll say is the concept of every company becoming a technology company will change the way you build the future of your business and how you view other businesses.

To help you get the most out of the keynotes, and to fully understand the phrase above, let’s cover a couple crucial concepts:

Cloud Technology. Because our business is built on cloud technology, and we operate in it day in and day out, we often overlook the fact that some people just don’t understand “the cloud.” Remember when your company had an IT room with massive servers for storing all of your company data? And it was probably really expensive to install and very costly to maintain? Well, that’s what we would call “on-premise technology.” “The cloud” is the same thing, a massive server, but it’s not sitting in your IT room. It’s actually sitting in a facility somewhere in the world that can be used by many hosts (software providers) and users (you or your business) at the same time. All of your data is accessible 24/7 through “cloud platforms” like

SaaS. This stands for “Software as a Service,” which means instead of paying for a piece of software that you physically install, you pay a monthly user subscription fee to access software built in the cloud. Think of Apple Music, Dropbox or other paid apps on your mobile device. In Traction on Demand’s world, some of the SaaS platforms/applications we work with most are, DocuSign, Boomi, FinancialForce and others.

These two concepts have radically changed access to technology for all organizations and have ultimately altered how companies leverage technology to bring a new level of speed, efficiency and profitability to their businesses.

TractionForce will help you better understand these concepts, demonstrate how your peers have leveraged them and explain how “every company is becoming a technology company” – and ultimately why it matters to you. Learn more and register here.

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