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TractionForce 2016: Every Company is Becoming a Tech Company

Every company has the opportunity to leverage the best technology available on the market. Whether you’re a small business, like Release the Hounds or Great Canadian Heli-skiing, or a Fortune 100 company, like Time Warner Cable, it’s no longer about who has the deepest pockets or who knows the right people. All companies have access to the same software, giving them the potential to streamline their processes for greater customer experiences.

The idea that “Every company is becoming a tech company” is the theme we’ll be exploring at TractionForce 2016, our fourth annual cloud-technology conference.

Registration is open now for the June 9th event in Vancouver.

If you’ve already made the investment in technology, you’re probably looking to see where you can take it next. This may mean developing mobile applications, improving your customer experience or creating an online community for better collaboration. Join us in June and get some real world ideas to apply to your own business, no matter your size or budget.

A bigger, better event
Last year, we had over 450 attendees, and we expect this year to be even bigger. You’ll get to choose from a variety of roundtable discussion to address the pain points of your organization, browse the Cloud Expo and hear from brands like Time Warner Cable, Direct Energy and the Down Syndrome Research Foundation on how they became technology companies. Oh yeah, be sure to stick around after the conference – we’re hosting our first #TF16 after party!

What to expect
We can tell you what not to expect: sales pitches. This isn’t that kind of conference. This event is about business leaders sharing their personal stories so you can learn from them. We will provide you with tangible takeaways to take back to your organization.

Come say hello
Many of us from Traction on Demand will be there. Whether or not you currently work with us, please come say hello. We’d love to hear what you’re up to and offer our insight as well. There will be ample opportunity to meet others in the local tech community too.

While it may not be obvious that every company is becoming a tech company, the change is happening. Let us help make the journey as smooth as possible and inspire you along the way. #TF16 – be there.

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