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Traction on Demand is voting. How will you vote?

No, we don’t mean voting in the next election. What we really want to know is how are you voting with your values? From day one at Traction on Demand, each Tractionite gets a deep understanding of our organizational values:

  • Embrace knowledge
  • Create opportunity
  • Do the right thing
  • Build community
  • Healthy hearts and heads
  • Seek adventures and smiles

And it was these same values that drove us to take on the rigorous B Impact Assessment six years ago.

As a Certified B Corp, Traction on Demand works with great organizations that use business as a force for good. And why wouldn’t we? We get to participate in exciting initiatives like:

  • Touring the Persephone Brewing Company beer farm while picking up kegs for Traction on Demand’s annual retreat
  • Hosting a holiday shopping party at Patagonia with an exclusive discount on purpose-driven apparel (there’s honestly no shortage of Patagonia gear at our office!)

But we’re not a B Corp for the perks. We’re a B Corp because we live by our values every day. With the launch of the Vote Every Day campaign in Canada, we want you to consider how you will vote for what you believe in.

Think about where you shop, where you work, and who you do business with– how do they align with your values?

A year into my role here at Traction on Demand, I’ve seen how Tractionites live our values inside the office and beyond. I’m inspired every day by the community being built around me.

We asked Tractionites to show us how they’re voting with their values and here’s what they came back with:

Manu Varma, People and Culture Subject Matter Expert, is embracing knowledge and reading Stirring It Up by Stonyfield Organic‘s CE-Yo’s Gary Hirshberg.

Chris Peacock, Chief Marketing Officer, makes sure Asher is ready to seek adventures and smiles in Patagonia gear.

Rachel Ullman, Strategic Solutions Manager, is building community while tasting Alchemist Beer on her recent ski trip with friends.

Written by Shirley Loi, Traction for Good Community Engagement Manager

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