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Traction & KPMG Partnership to Deliver Unparalleled Digital Transformation Services

“I see this not as a step forward in Traction’s growth plan but a leap ahead in our ability to drive fundamental change and disruption in Canada and the Salesforce ecosystem.” Greg Malpass, CEO & Founder, Traction on Demand

Today, Traction on Demand and KPMG signed a strategic alliance to deliver joint advisory and Salesforce implementation services (full release here). The collaboration enables Traction to deliver complementary services focused on strategic consulting and cloud technology implementations for the connected enterprise. With the combined strength of both firms, clients will receive unprecedented transformational enterprise advisory services paired with Salesforce expertise and the ability to execute on customer experience strategies.

Those within the Salesforce and cloud technology industries will have witnessed significant partner consolidation over the past five years. Whether it’s software vendors building out their suite of applications through acquisition or global system integrators purchasing Salesforce-specific consulting firms to bolster their practice, everyone is trying to keep up with the market opportunity created by

Building through partnership provides several unique opportunities, and while we see this as a big win for both Traction and KPMG, we believe our joint clients will benefit most. Here’s a quick look at some of our anticipated outcomes:

Further Client Enablement

This partnership comes on the heels of two major announcements made by Salesforce over the past eight months, outlining an investment of $2 billion in Canadian businesses by 2022 and the creation of 28,000+ jobs in the country over the same time period.

With the anticipated growth comes the need to develop new skill sets to manage technology, internal to the organization and independent of third party vendors. Working together, Traction and KPMG are now positioned to support the development of Salesforce solutions and other tech-related skill sets within more Canadian businesses than previously anticipated, through enhanced advisory, change management and training offerings.

“The growing presence of technologies like Salesforce in businesses across the country is stimulating the need for more skilled employees to implement and manage the software. Canada Drives is the perfect example; to meet client expectations, we needed to consider people, process and technology equally when developing our growth strategy.” – Cody Green, Founder & Co-CEO, Canada Drives

Moving From Projects to Programs

For enterprise firms, digital transformation can often be limited to one department or line of business. Working together, KPMG and Traction can support true wall-to-wall digital transformation by aligning stakeholders, different departments and lines of business (who are often tackling similar challenges) under a united strategic initiative.

As the Salesforce platform continues to expand in functionality and areas of the business served, moving from projects to programs becomes especially important to ensure a timely ROI, technology and process adoption in addition to effective change management.

“KPMG is a recognized global leader, advising on transformation and innovative business strategies leveraging technology and data, deep industry knowledge and years of trusted experience. Our collaboration with Traction on Demand reinforces that commitment and we are excited to work with them to bring enhanced business solutions to market for our mutual clients.” – Elio Luongo, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner at KPMG in Canada.

Vendor Alignment and Cost Savings

Working to deliver unified programs that address client objectives, Traction and KPMG will leverage their independent strengths in full alignment of overall strategy and outcomes. Operating independently enables the partnership to provide clients a combined offering of specialized services that surpasses what a single team of generalists can achieve, ensuring:

  • Minimized duplication of work/effort: Aligned business solution design sessions, reduced duplication of work between different departments or initiatives and greater reuse of process and technology.
  • Subject matter expertise: Customers will get the right resources from each team to deliver on their areas of expertise.
  • Faster results: Alignment on strategy, delivery and outcomes across the business means customers will see results faster.
  • Significant cost savings: collating the benefits listed above, an aligned vendor relationship will prove to be more cost effective in the short and long-term.

“The combined strength of both firms will help our clients make the digitization transformation. KPMG will assist customers with its leading strategy, governance, risk mitigation and business function development capabilities and Traction on Demand will provide deep expertise and creativity to help develop innovative technology solutions,” says Greg Malpass, CEO and Founder of Traction on Demand.

Serving Canada and Beyond

We’re excited to announce the strategic alliance between Traction & KPMG, which we truly believe will benefit companies operating in Canada, and as we grow together, organizations worldwide.

You can read the full release here and if you’d like to learn more about our joint services, get in touch with us.

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