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No Monkeying Around in Finding the Right CRM at the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

For many of us, that silver ponytail and khaki ensemble are symbols of a conservation icon. Children in schools worldwide continue to learn about the many contributions Dr. Jane Goodall has made in the field of chimpanzee research for close to 60 years. From discovering chimpanzees are indeed meat-eaters and not vegetarians (as previously thought), to learning about their use of tools, Dr. Goodall has made many important observations during her years in western Tanzania. In the 1980’s, she shifted her focus to include the problem of habitat destruction across Africa.

Danielle Allen is the fund development coordinator at the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.
Danielle Allen, Fund Development Coordinator at the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Having grown up learning about her, we were especially excited to support the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada when they engaged us to improve their CRM system. According to Danielle Allen, Fund Development Coordinator at the Institute, their goal in implementing Salesforce was to help strengthen relationships with donors, volunteers, program participants and other supporters, and to streamline their work processes in an efficient and cost effective way.

Setting up the Institute for Success

“They were limited by their data living in siloed systems,” says Jessica Demos, Business Development Manager at Traction on Demand. “The Institute wanted a central system with a 360-degree view of their donors, so they could understand who these people are and how to best engage them.” But even before getting into Salesforce best practices, Jessica and her team had to tackle the data migration from the Institute’s legacy system to their new one. A project of this scope required a significant investment, which Traction for Good and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation were able to help out with in providing a grant to help cover some of the costs.

Trailblazing with Technology

Jessica Demos is a business development manager at Traction on Demand.
Jessica Demos, Non-Profit Business Development Manager

With important work being done by non-profits, Danielle acknowledges that technology isn’t always top of mind. “I think non-profit organizations are often so focused on their program work and budgets that they don’t stop to review what tools might be available to maximize both their time and their money,” she says. However, Dr. Goodall, as she goes on to explain, values technology and has a particular interest “in social media’s ability to spread awareness about global issues and how it helps the 32 institutes around the world communicate with their supporters.” The conservationist has also partnered with Google Earth to highlight her journey in Gombe National Park where she first started her research of chimpanzees.

At 83 years young, Dr. Goodall continues to travel about 300 days every year speaking to audiences around the world about the plight of wild chimpanzees and the threats to their habitat. Even after all these years, she still proves to be a person of great influence. “She’s an inspiration to women and did a lot of groundbreaking work in a time when it was difficult for women to have a say. To this day, she’s still fighting to make a difference in this world and, as a company that’s been named a Best Workplace in Canada for Women, it’s an honour to support the Institute’s mission,” says Jessica.

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