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Friends of Traction,

I am writing this note with the same level of anxiety I felt on the swim blocks in high school, before an exam in university, waiting for a signed contract on my first sale and the first time I took the stage for TractionForce. It’s the moment where training, learning and practice culminate. Where the work you’ve done leading up to that very moment will define the outcome. Where instincts win. It’s an incredibly human moment.

On June 21st, we’re hosting the sixth iteration of TractionForce. It’s incredible to have watched this event grow from a humble customer gathering to the largest cloud technology event in Western Canada. Content and networking have catalyzed the growth of the event to what it is today. From day one we’ve embraced the concept of “stop, collaborate and listen,” showcasing real stories of challenge, adaptation and success in business growth.

TractionForce brings together a community of people who are invested in doing and sharing openly; aggregating experience, intellectual property and networks to solve challenges, learn from each other’s experiences and create connections that will serve us well as we navigate the future.

Each year, we’ve centered the event around a prevalent theme that we’ve encountered across our customer base. Two years ago, we explored the idea of every company becoming a technology company. Organizations like MEC and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers discussed the organizational changes they were applying to leverage the opportunities made available by technology. Last year, we investigated the dawn of the adaptive enterprise with Peter Coffee, VP, Strategic Research at Salesforce. The conversations and insights shared a focal point: people. How can we create a culture of experimentation? How can we help our people remain flexible, trusting and open to change?

This year, we’re digging into our most compelling topic yet: Empowered People – Enabled Organizations. To clarify, let me provide some context; since TractionForce 2017, we’ve completed over 600 projects for more than 300 unique organizations. We’ve noticed a clear and profound shift in the nature of the conversations we’re having. Where we were once hired to do work and help our customers complete a project, we’re finding that’s no longer the case. Where customers were paying Traction for our what, they are now also wanting our how. As a result, we’ve completely adapted our strategy, building out the concept of enablement.

The result of this shift? Customers are now building their own versions of Traction within their walls. We’re delivering bold transparency around data, approach and IP and completely blurring lines between customer and vendor. Enablement is about creating the capacity within your organization to seize opportunity and move more quickly; to remain agile; to truly leverage technology’s greatest strength: speed.

There’s so much content to share this year that we’ve also added an executive learning summit the day before our main event (get in touch if interested). TractionForce itself has also been stacked with simultaneous keynotes and more content, speakers, sharing and listening than ever before.

I’m so proud of the community we’ve built. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share. I’m so excited to invest the full force of the Traction community into you, so you can empower your people and enable your organization.

Register for TF18 now and see you there.


…the purpose of life is to give it away.

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